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Basic Information

Address: 14870 Granada Ave. #127 Apple Valley, MN 55124
Phone Number: 952-892-6368
Fax Number: 952-892-6368
Director: Jan Belmore

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Kids 'n Kinship
Kids 'n Kinship
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Kids 'n Kinship

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Additional Information

Causes Served: community youth mentoring, school-based youth mentoring
Background Check: Yes
Population Served: Children ages 5-16 living or attending school in 6 cities in Dakota County who demonstrate need for additional positive role model
Ages for Volunteer: 21+ as individual, all ages can mentor as a family together
Hours of Service: 1-4 hours per week, flexible schedule
Minimum Hours Required: 1 hour per week
Days of Service: 1 year or more
Mission Statement:

Kids 'n Kinship's mission is to provide friendships to children ages 5-16 who are in need of a positive role model

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Regular, long-term relationships with a variety of adults are critical to healthy child development. The quality of Kids ‘n Kinship service and relationships is more important than quantity. We believe in careful screening, matching, and continual follow-up support of program participants.
Dedicated volunteers are essential to our operation. Kids ‘n Kinship provides the structure and organization for them to effectively serve children.
Kids ‘n Kinship’s professional staff is qualified, trained, motivated and committed to our vision. We believe in inclusiveness and collaborative efforts that bring together people of different races, backgrounds, and faiths.

Program History:

Kinship began with students at Luther Seminary in 1954. They befriended young men of single parent homes, who were in trouble with the law from Hennepin and Ramsey counties. The program branched off and began operating as a national organization in 1967. Kids ‘n Kinship was established as a separate 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in 1972.


We host 4 quarterly events for our participants each year. They are free and fun opportunities for one-time volunteers who wish to see what mentoring is like.

Additional Information:

Kids 'n Kinship is a private non-profit organization that matches children who have a need for an additional supportive relationship with carefully screened adult volunteers.  Once a match has been made, volunteers spend 1-4 hours per week with the child.  Typical activities might include picnicking, attending sporting events, hobbies, baking cookies or going to the movies.  Volunteers make a one-year commitment to the program to help these relationships grow into life-long friendships.