King Adult Enrichment Program

Basic Information

Address: 2851 W. 52nd Ave, Denver, CO 80221
Phone Number: 303-433-6881
Fax Number: 303-433-7806
Director: Ginny Wagner, CTRS

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Adults 18-65 years with aquired nerological disorders ie: multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, post stroke...
Population Served: Adults 18-65yrs
Ages for Volunteer: 14 and up
Hours of Service: 7:30-4:00pm
Minimum Hours Required: none
Days of Service: Monday - Friday
Mission Statement:

To improve the lives of people with MS and their families through care, support, education and research.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

We will be the MS Center of Excellence for people with MS and their families, providing unsurpassed care, and leading the way in research by developing new effective treatments and finding the cure for MS.

Program History:

The Rocky Mountain MS Center was founded in 1978 by Dr. Jack Burks and N. Daren Writer. Mr. Writer was diagnosed with MS in 1974. He was told “there was nothing anyone could do about MS,” and to “go home and put his affairs in order.” This was unacceptable to this exceptional man of action and business leader. He sought out a brilliant, young neurologist who was dedicated to finding the cause of MS and a cure for the disease. Like Mr. Writer, Dr. Burks believed something could be done for people living with MS. Together they created a single, comprehensive facility to treat people with MS and find the cause and a cure.

The Rocky Mountain MS Center was initially affiliated with the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and the Denver Veteran’s Administration Medical Center. In 1988, the Rocky Mountain MS Center moved to the campus of Swedish Medical Center, in Englewood, Colorado. In 1992, the Rocky Mountain MS Center broadened its continuum of care by merging with MS Community Resources (formerly known as the MS Society of Colorado, Denver). This merger enhanced community services with the addition of hydrotherapy and a specialized adult day program, the Rocky Mountain MS Center King Adult Day Enrichment Program (KADEP).