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Basic Information

Address: 4509 Walsall Loop Austin, TX 78709
Phone Number: 512-293-8808
Director: Sally Iwanski

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Minis and Friends
Minis and Friends
Minis and Friends
Minis and Friends

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Mental Health, Special Needs, Special Education, Disabilities, Rehab, Health, Seniors
Clearances Required: No
Background Check: Yes
Population Served: Children, Youth, At-Risk Youth, Adults, Seniors
Ages for Volunteer: 14 and up
Hours of Service: weekends - 10am-5pm and some holidays
Minimum Hours Required: 4
Days of Service: Saturdays
Mission Statement:

Minis and Friends is dedicated to bringing our mobile herd of trained miniature horses to visit and interact with people of all ages who may be suffering mentally, physically or emotionally. Our unique programs tailor activities for children with disabilities, at-risk youth, individuals in transition and elder adults to improve their motor skills, ability to connect, tactile response, use of senses and spirits through interaction with miniature horses.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

We bring a mobile herd of miniature horses to visit with people of all ages with special needs or whom life's circumstances have created a special need. The non-profit recruits others with miniature horse/miniature donkey owners to learn about bringing equines into the community and to work with us on weekends and some holidays. This allows our out-reach to all over Austin metro and the surrounding counties - Bastrop, Hays and Williamson.

Program History:

We were founded in 2007 by 9 caring people and horse lovers dedicated to sharing the love and spirit of miniature horses to those who need special, tender care. We have now grown from 5 minis (miniature horses) to 7 mini-owners and 13 mini horses and mini donkeys working at any one time or spread out to bring indescribable smiles to all we meet. The organization has increased visits to 40+ per year, 8 standing support events with other non-profits, visited thousands of children and adults yearly and has created special programs for our various visiting requests - these are the Minis Out series : Minis Out, Project Blanket (for children), Minis Out, Moving On (children to teens in transitional situations), Minis Out, Silver Saints (seniors), Minis Out, In the Community (support events and public education requests). We also have two Mini Boot Camps per year which are tuition based and teach others from various cities around the US on how to bring Equine Guided Interactions (EGI) to their home town. In Minis and Friends, everyone is a volunteer - from the minis, to the mini-owners, to the wonderful volunteers who work with us on weekends. We are 100% donation and volunteer based, with no salaries to anyone.

Additional Information:

Volunteer Requirements -

14 and up - will write letters for community service for schools, college, etc.

Groups are welcome for teamwork - we have 3 locations where the little horses are boarded. We always need help on these properties

If you have a budding talent - please contact us - we love to help students in their creativity.  Many virtual type possibilities.

2-hour training class or hands-on training at a visit or event.

Must like outdoors and willing to work.