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Basic Information

Address: 4000 Lancaster Drive NE, Ste 57 Salem, OR 97309
Phone Number: 503-409-5905
Director: Connie Riecke

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Operation Letters For Troops
Operation Letters For Troops
Operation Letters For Troops
Operation Letters For Troops

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Troop Support for Troops Serving In Combat Zones
Ages for Volunteer: 6-96
Hours of Service: 24/7
Minimum Hours Required: None
Days of Service: 24/7
Mission Statement:

The Marine Corps Family Foundation mission is one of commitment, collaboration and communication to encourage and support our United States Marines and their families through the administration of special projects, coordinating volunteers & donations, and networking with supportive organizations and agencies.

Program History:

The Marine Corps Family Foundation was created in 2004 when Operation Santa USMC grew from a small local outreach to a national project. Volunteers and contributors from all over the country came forward to support deployed Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan. In three months the Operation Santa project successfully sent Christmas stockings and gifts to over 6,000 US Marines who spent the holidays away from family and friends. To date (2011) over 100,000 gifts of support have been sent to US Marine and Soldiers serving in combat Zones.


Operation Letters For Troops, Operation Santa, Operation Sunscreen, Operation Any Marine or Soldier.

Additional Information:

Operation Letters for Troops needs your help.  Letters from home is the MOST requested item from the frontlines.  It's an easy project... just write a few letters sharing about you, your life, what it means to you to know that our troops are standing to protect this country and you.  

Then ship them to us at the MCFF foundation and we will include them in our boxes that are shipped out on a regular basis, or to a chaplain who will deliver them to a Marine or soldier who is not receiving mail. 

We have many projects in addition to Operation Letters for Troops, so if you want to sew, crochet, quilt, or knit, contact us for details.