Project Hawai'i The Ultimate Teen Mentoring Summer Adventure

Project Hawai'i The Ultimate Teen Mentoring Summer Adventure Logo

Basic Information

Address: P.O. Box 1844, Kea'au Hawai'i, 96749
Phone Number: (808) 982-4036
Fax Number: (808) 982-8128
Director: Magin Patrick

Action Shots

Project Hawai'i The Ultimate Teen Mentoring Summer Adventure
Project Hawai'i The Ultimate Teen Mentoring Summer Adventure
Project Hawai'i The Ultimate Teen Mentoring Summer Adventure
Project Hawai'i The Ultimate Teen Mentoring Summer Adventure

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Homeless and Poverty Stricken Children
Population Served: Children living in poverty in Hawai'i
Ages for Volunteer: 14+
Minimum Hours Required: Summer Camp duration from 10-29 days
Days of Service: June 29th-July 29th
Mission Statement:

To enhance the lives of homeless children through interactive life changing programs. We hold their hearts in our hands while making footprints in the Hawaiian sands worth following.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Our philosophy is to provide homeless and poverty stricken children the tools and life skills needed to succeed in their future. Allowing teen mentors to make a difference in the world around them while gainning leadership and mentoring skills. Our program is designed to help end homelessness through educational projects developed to enhance the self-esteem of our children. Teens are able to implement programs and work hands on with their "camp buddy" and make changes for the better. We are also a cultural based program that helps to keep our Hawaiian Culture alive in our children and teaching it to teens around the world. Making today a better tomorrow.

Program History:

Our program has won awards for its successful projects from Starbucks Foundation, National Reading Is Fundamental, NFL Charities educational projects, Young Bros., All About Books for Children and Borders. Our program is run by volunteers who are dedicated in helping teens and children succeed in their future. We believe that the children are our future and our world depends on their skills and knowledge of today.


Edu-Camp a Teen Mentoring Adventure Summer Camp. Open to teens enrolled in High School (or just graduating this year), with a 3.0 gpa +. We offer one complete summer camp with 3 time frame options. June 29th-July 29th or July 5th-15th or the 15th-29th

Additional Information:

While earning community service hours at this camp, you will be changing the world around you for the better. Teens will earn between 40-200 hours depending on the camp duration they choose. Certiciates of completion will include mentoring, leadership building, program implentation, marking and social service volunteer work. This is a summer camp program designed for the purpose of providing once in a life-time experiences that help teens and children grow with a well rounded outlook.

You will experience a new culture while immersing yourself in our summer camp activities with your camp buddy. You will have the opportunity to choose your own camp buddy or two to actively guide through the camp curriculum filled with games, crafts, reading time, and more. This allows you to bond with your buddy, learn all about their lives, and share your experiences with them.

All our children come from extreme poverty stricken situations. Some are homeless, living in cars and tents; some are just getting back on their feet, moving into a home. None of these children would be able to experience this wonderful summer camp without your sponsorship and support. Your tuition is tax deductible and provides this program to succeed.

You will be come "best buds" for the duration of the summer activities which will allow your buddy to gain self-esteem while you experience life-changing moments. You are making the difference to help change THEIR world for the better.

During this cultural adventure teens will also be introduced to the Hawaiian Culture first hand with surf lessons, hula and ukulele lessons, luau creation, and exploration of the islands best features.