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Basic Information

Phone Number: 954-258-1571
Fax Number: 813-223-3437

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Redemption Song Inc.
Redemption Song Inc.

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Families and Youths at Risk
Population Served: Global
Ages for Volunteer: 15 up
Hours of Service: varies
Minimum Hours Required: varies
Days of Service: varies
Mission Statement:

Using industry standard music and musicians to increase program impact of at risk families and youth programs- music with a mission

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Social entrepreneurship means we can and should think about use our talents for individual as well as communal enrichment.

Program History:

go to to review our Families at Risk Volunteer Program and our projects and programs


Operation Treble Clef; Phenomenal Women Music and & Wine; etc.

Additional Information:

Volunteers involved in the Families at Risk Volunteer Grant Program (FARVGP) - where at risk families involved in a self sufficiency program qualifies for grants ranging form $200- $500 (plus bonus additions)  through Redemption Song's musician supported grants, in an effort to execute our mission of strengthening the program outcome and impact of the agency to which we partner with and is affiliated with the volunteer enrolled in the program.  

Go to our website: and embark upon a musically inspiring experience through the creativity and artistry of the think tank behind our organization.