River Legacy Living Science Center

Basic Information

Address: 703 NW Grfeen Oaks Blvd. Arlington, Texas 76006
Phone Number: (817)860-6752
Fax Number: (817)860-1595
Director: Jill Hill, Acting Director

Action Shots

River Legacy Living Science Center

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Envorinment, Conservation, Education, Youth, Animals, Community
Background Check: Yes
Population Served: Youth, Community
Ages for Volunteer: 15 yrs. old and older
Hours of Service: 3 to 4 per shift-
Minimum Hours Required: 3 hours
Days of Service: Several during the year
Mission Statement:

To preserve and enhnace land along the Trinity River and its tributaties as an extraordinary recreational, educational and natural resource.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

We belief the first step toward conservation is awareness of the natural world and its wonders and as a result appreciation of nature and conservation will follow. Our programs aim to do just that using our 1300 acres park and science center as their classroom and lab.

Program History:

The programs begun with a donation of 204 acres of land for expansion and public use in the form of a park with the name of River Legacy Parks. The park was to be used as a comunity resource for education and recreation. In addtion, in 1988 a Foundation was established with the same name for marketing and fundraising. Later on in 1996, the River Living Science Center was opened to offer hands-on nature related programs for youth. teachers and the community. The science center earned accreditation from the National Association for the Education of Young Children and is an official site for the Great Explorations in Math and Science Programs.


Hands-on Projects at River Legacy Parks, Volunteers work together in removing invasive plants to aid biodiversity and protect wildlife. Workday will include a brief presentation on the subject;
Boat Building School, an orientation session to learn tips and tricks on how to build a cardboard boat;
Litter Challenge, city wide litter challenge to keep our community healthy, safe and beautiful;
Kite Festival, event that features kite contests and workshops;
Wonders on the Wings-Migratory Bird Day Festival, event to encourage bird awareness and conservation through a variety of activities and speakers;
Earth Day/ Global Youth Service Day, hands-on conservation project to celebrate Earth Day, highlight current environmental challenges and the impact of today's youth in our communities;
Cardboard Boat Regatta, Race of boats made or cardboard;
Summer Camps, a week long programs with hands-on activites related to nature for kids 3 yrs old to 8th grade;
Make A Splash, educational festival that encourages water conservation;
Trinity Trash Bash, regional clean up of the banks of the Trinity River;
After Dark in the Park, fall festival that offers an alternative to the gory and scary of the season with a wholesome entertainment and promotes families spending quality time in the outoors;
Great Backyard Bird Count, event to gather data about bird population at River Legacy Parks to figure out trends, formulate forecasts and to investigate far-reaching questions.

Additional Information:

Volunteers needed for the above events and for our Information Desk.