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Basic Information

Address: 105 W Monument Street
Phone Number: 410-777-8626

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Children and Elder
Clearances Required: No
Background Check: No
Population Served: 13,000
Ages for Volunteer: any adges
Hours of Service: 20
Minimum Hours Required: 20
Days of Service: Monday to Friday
Program History:

The Roberto Clemente Health Clinic serves as a positive agent for change by saving lives, improving health, and fulfilling the promise of medicine for those most in need. We are located in a very remote area in Tola, Nicaragua and see approximately 9,000 patients per year, and your contributions are vital to the continued success of our efforts. While it may be hard to imagine the impact your financial contribution may have to such a distant community, every donation helps. Whether it’s $5, $50, $500 or $5,000, please use this form to make your donation.

Donating only takes a minute, but will have a long-lasting effect on the people of Nicaragua.

You can also volunteer abroad with us and enjoy a nice vacation and do some social work in our clinic. Volunteer in Nicaragua is very easy and while medical volunteers and public health volunteers are very much in demand, you do not necessarily need to be in the healthcare sector. There are numerous volunteer opportunities abroad for social workers, students, teachers, lawyers, healthcare social workers, etc. If you are looking for an international volunteer experience and wish to make a positive contribution to humanity, there is no better place to gain volunteer experience than at the Roberto Clemente Health Clinic.

We constantly welcome volunteers who come to practice what they’ve learned in medical schools, doctors and specialists who come to treat patients with special illnesses and many more people who are not medically trained, but just want to help us with our public health care mission.

Take some time out to visit and volunteer in beautiful Nicaragua at our Clinic. The community of Limon would welcome your help with open arms and warm smiles. I promise it will be an enjoyable and inspiring experience.

Now please enjoy this video clip from our founder and Chair to the board Julia Guth, who has been working tireless to make this dream a reality.

Additional Information:



When you volunteer abroad it’s not just the people in need who benefit. Volunteer workers enjoy powerful feelings of purpose and a strong sense of accomplishment. They meet new people and make life-long friends. Volunteer work offers the opportunity to experience other cultures, learn things not found in books or classrooms and gain a new perspective on the world at large.

Past workers have reported that medical volunteering has been among the best experiences of their lives…

Whether you’re looking for a change of pace (or scenery!) from your current medical/healthcare career or are looking for an exciting way to fulfill your internship responsibilities,  The Roberto Clemente Clinic in Nicaragua presents a great volunteer opportunity – the chance to combine  the thrilling adventure of travel with the benevolent feelings of giving back to those in need.

Contact Juan Munoz,  at jmunoz @ our US-based volunteer manager to find out more about this exciting overseas volunteer program.



If discovering a new country through surfing, camping, horseback riding and hiking sounds ideal to you, consider a volunteer vacation to Nicaragua!

Imagine a morning filled with the smiling faces of children eager to learn basic math skills from you, followed by an afternoon of leisure at the beach. What about discovering nature strolling forest trails brimming with monkeys and exotic birds in the morning, then an afternoon of self-discovery as you feel the pride of teaching the essentials of sanitation to people without plumbing.

Volunteering at the Roberto Clemente Cliniccan even give you the unmatchable experience of working side-by-side with our doctors and nurses to save someone’s life or helping to create an entirely new healthcare program for locals desperately in need.







Even on short notice, we can organize a robust, yet balanced schedule of volunteering endeavors and vacation/leisure activities. You can even stay in a four-star resort while on your overseas volunteer program! We’ve made special arrangements with the Rancho Santana hotel - - for our healthcare clinic volunteers to receive a 50% discount on a single room. There is also a moderately-priced hotel in Limon I which includes three meals and comfortable air-conditioned rooms.




In general, medical volunteers are desperately needed to provide patient care to impoverished children and their parents. Our in-country staff will match your medical skills with our volunteer coordinator team.

Because access to medical services in developing communities is often limited, healthcare volunteers are needed to improve basic services such as diabetes screenings, tooth extractions, wellness checks for babies and pre-natal exams in our local clinic, as well as manning village dispensaries. While the needs and the working conditions are very basic, your 'hands-on' contribution will be life-changing.

In exchange for working approximately five hours a day with Dr. Flores and / or the other members of our local team, you’ll have the opportunity to spend time in Limon 1, Rivas running our public health programs, while learning about our  internal procedures, patient care and much more.

And of course, we welcome donations of medical supplies, but there are some restrictions as to the types of medications that can legally be brought into Nicaragua. Please contact us at Jmunoz @ – with any questions.





Don’t worry! We can match your individual skill set to a local need. Social workers, students, teachers, lawyers and healthcare social workers have just as much value as physicians, nurses, EMTs, surgeons, specialty physicians, dental hygienists, pharmacists and dentists. Our international volunteers have included everybody from Peace Corps participants to high school, college and graduate students to retired professionals looking for a new challenge.

Contact Juan Munoz at jmunoz @  to find out how your skills can be put into action in Nicaragua!



Trained professionals interested in practicing in The Roberto Clemente Clinic will need to furnish the following documents four weeks prior to when your volunteer program begins:

1)    A Notarized Letter of Intention (in Spanish) describing the type of volunteer work you would like to perform if you are a certified doctor.

2)    Copies of your licences, permits, credentials and diploma*.

3)    If you need translators we can provide one and this can be paid by you in Nicaragua.

*Full credentials will exempt you from the minimum donation we typically require of our volunteers.



  1. While there are some basic fixed costs, your choice of accommodations will determine the final pricing:
  2. Airfare ranges from $500 to $700 (based on travel dates chosen, time of year and departure city)
  3. Roundtrip transportation from Managua <-> Clinic is $150 (The SUV has room for 4 people).
  4. Housing is available in two locations:
  5. Limon 1: $450 to $560 (weekly, to be paid locally; includes three meals daily)
  6. Rancho Santana ( where we have arranged a 50% discount for a single room for our volunteers. They also have four-to-six person Casitas and even houses with ocean views (billed at regular rates.)
  7. Program donation of $400
  8. Spending money of $50 per week
  9. Complete our registration form Click Here


Call us at 410-777-8626 or send an email to Juan Munoz now jmunoz @  to begin setting up your volunteer vacation! 

You can even get expedite the process by sending your program donation online. Once you have made your travel and accommodation arrangements, we will provide you with a detailed itinerary - everything from pick-up at the airport and volunteering opportunities to leisure activities and return transportation.

change your life while changing others’ lives – sign up to volunteer abroad!

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us as soon as you can via email at jmunoz @ or our direct telephone number - 410-777-8626.


Juan Munoz
Executive Director.