Specialized Language Development Center

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Basic Information

Address: 3056 Walker Ridge, NW Grand Rapids, MI 49544
Phone Number: 616-361-1182
Fax Number: 616-361-3648
Director: Maura Race

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Specialized Language Development Center
Specialized Language Development Center
Specialized Language Development Center
Specialized Language Development Center

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Additional Information

Causes Served: One-to-One intervention and assessment for individuals with dylsexia or other learning challenges
Clearances Required: Yes
Population Served: West Michigan children of all ages
Ages for Volunteer: 18 yrs and above
Hours of Service: Flexible
Minimum Hours Required: 2 hrs per week
Days of Service: Flexible based on volunteer availablity
Mission Statement:

The SLD Center, a community resource of West Michigan, is committed to bringing the power of reading, writing, and spelling to all individuals with dyslexia or other unique learning styles, enabling them to achieve their full potential

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

That all individuals when given the correct tools and instruction can achieve great success and achieve their full potential.
Our philosophy is simple. One student, with one tutor, taking one step at a time, leads to success through lifelong language skills.

Program History:

Since 1974 Specialized Language Development (SLD) Center has been helping children achieve success, often for the first time.
The SLD Center continues to pursue and maintain the highest standards for its providers and services. We utilize our resources to the fullest by collaborating with individuals, schools, universities, corporations, foundations, United Way, and other non-profit organizations in order to provide:

• Comprehensive assessment and evaluation for individuals to identify their learning style and educational needs;
• One-to-one multisensory tutoring based on the Orton-Gillingham approach to all who need this service;
• Resources, seminars and consultations to support and inform the community about the needs of students with dyslexia and other unique learning styles;
• Training for educators, tutors, and parents in a variety of specialized language instructional approaches including SLD developed Phonics Fundamentals©, based on the Orton-Gillingham approach.


Community Ambassadors, Special Events including Gala, Wine Fest, Golf Outing. Community Workshops, One-to-One tutoring after 32 hrs of training.