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Basic Information

Address: 83 Walton Street, Suite 100 Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Phone Number: 404.954.6611
Director: Rick Koca, Founder & CEO

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StandUp For Kids
StandUp For Kids
StandUp For Kids

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Homeless and street youth, and at-risk youth
Background Check: Yes
Population Served: Homeless youth and at-risk youth
Ages for Volunteer: 16+
Hours of Service: unlimited
Minimum Hours Required: 3-4 hours per week
Mission Statement:

The mission of STANDUP FOR KIDS is to help homeless and street kids. This mission shall be carried out by a national volunteer force whose on-the-streets outreach efforts will find, stabilize and assist homeless and street kids in their efforts to improve their lives. The organization's mission shall also be furthered through deterrence and resource programs provided in schools and via the internet. All facets of this mission shall be guided by the mandate that our volunteers shall tell kids they care about them and then, at every turn, prove it.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

We are more than an organization, we are a movement with a mission to create a culture that will not tolerate our children living on the streets!

Program History:

Founded in January 1990, now in more than 43 cities in 22 states. All volunteers committed to going to the streets and helping homeless and street kids. We tell them that we care about them and then go to the streets and prove it.


National Homeless Youth Awareness Month in November
48 Hours on the streets in April!

Additional Information:

See some of our short PSA's and videos.