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Basic Information

Address: 519 N Charles Street, Suite 300, Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone Number: 443-623-5297
Director: Tanya L Taylor

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Teen Moms Fresh Start
Teen Moms Fresh Start
Teen Moms Fresh Start
Teen Moms Fresh Start

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Employment and Life Skills Education, Neighborhood Revitalization, Public School Improvements
Background Check: Yes
Population Served: infant through adult
Ages for Volunteer: youth through adult
Hours of Service: M-F 8a - 5p, 6p - 8p, Sat 10a - 2p
Minimum Hours Required: no min
Days of Service: Mon - Sat
Mission Statement:

To increase the number of high school graduates and the number of people completing any form of higher education, as well as decrease all forms of violence, crime, drug, and gang activity.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Through Education, Accountability, Compassion, and Support, families have the resources to work toward a better future for themselves, their families, which affects all communities in positive ways.

Program History:

"Tell It Like It Is!" Program (our Teen Pregnancy Prevention and Awareness Program); Life Skills Workshops and Activities; an Educational Housing Program (in the process of being developed); Extracurricular Activities for Children of Families we work with; "Meet and Greets" to encourage friendship and buddy support.


Digital Harbor High After School Program "The Forum"; Hampden United Methodist location for twice a month gatherings, (1) Meet and Greet, (1) Workshop/Activity. Child Care is provided.

Additional Information:

Teen Moms Fresh Start always needs support in multiple areas.  With the need of the families in our communities, the requests to help are overwhelming.  The more volunteer support we receive within the school system, the easier it is for us to reach students and help keep them in school.

We offer Volunteer Student Service Hours.