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Address: 305 Richmond Street El Segundo, CA 90245
Phone Number: (310) 322-0263

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Tree Musketeers
Tree Musketeers
Tree Musketeers
Tree Musketeers

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Environment, Youth Leadership
Population Served: All
Ages for Volunteer: Any
Mission Statement:

To empower young people to be environmental leaders.

Additional Information:

Get involved in Tree Musketeers - a place where kids are boss! Tree Musketeers operates two main programs - the Hometown Program and the Partners for the Planet Network - both of which allow numerous opportunities for both youth and adults to get involved in greening the Earth.

The Hometown Program allows local youth to serve the community by implementing projects that are models for replication by kids in other hometowns across the nation and world. Services include a Youth LEADership Center, the Adult Partner Team of mentors, a Memory Tree service, LEADership courses, planting and maintaining the local urban forest, public education, hosting community events, and a residential Tree Service - all of which provide ample service opportunities for youth and adults interested in getting involved!

The Partners for the Planet Network provides a vehicle for kids nationwide and internationally to function as a movement. A toll-free hotline, speakers bureau, website, resource sharing, newsletters and coordinated youth campaigns are services offered. As part of the Network, the current 3x3 Campaign aims to get 3 million kids to plant 3 million trees. Already, nearly one million trees have been planted in countries around the world.

For more information on Tree Musketeers, please visit To learn more about the 3x3 Campaign and how you can get involved, visit