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Address: 543 Howard Street, 5th Floor San Francisco, CA 94105
Phone Number: 415-296-9193
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Create a global platform for action where anyone can contribute* to exceptional organizations.

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Create a world where giving and volunteering are a natural part of everyday life.

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About UniversalGiving™

UniversalGiving™ is a web-based marketplace that helps people give and volunteer with the top-performing, vetted projects all over the world. All projects are vetted through UniversalGiving's trademarked, proprietary Quality Model.™ 100% of each donation goes directly to the cause.

Visitors to our site can search by cause, country or keyword to find opportunities to give or volunteer. If you prefer not to search, you can view our Top Gift Packages or Top Volunteering Opportunities. Our Gift Packages provide an opportunity to give a truly meaningful gift, by donating to a defined project on behalf of a loved one. Or let your recipient choose by giving them a Gift Certificate. To make your multiple donations easy, you can visit our Quick Gifts page.

It’s important to UniversalGiving to provide trusted opportunities for philanthropy, without charging the donor or the NGOs. Our goal is to lower the barriers to giving. Give your 100%!

UniversalGiving Corporate helps companies with their global Corporate Social Responsibility programs in more than 30 countries across the world. UniversalGiving Corporate handles the strategy, operations, and NGO vetting to ensure the success of international giving and volunteering programs. In doing so, we help a company's bottom line by increasing corporate brand image, employee attraction/retention, and product adoption. UniversalGiving Corporate also offers a Disaster Response Plan for companies wishing to be proactive in addressing global crises. UniversalGiving Corporate is proud to work with Cisco, MTV and BEA. In addition to the corporate service, UniversalGiving™ provides customized models for Giving Circles.

UniversalGiving™ has been profiled on CBS and FOX Business Network, and has also been featured in BusinessWeek, WomenEntrepreneur.com, Oprah.com, NBC News, Christian Science Monitor, New York Times, Financial Times, CNNMoney.com and Change.org. UniversalGiving™ is a Webby Award Honoree and won the Silver Award for W3 Creative Excellence on the Web.

UniversalGiving’s CEO, Pamela Hawley, has been honored with a Jefferson Award for Public Service, as well as being selected as a finalist in Ernst & Young’s prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year Award. She has also been chosen to be a member of the Colburn S. Wilbur Fellowship Program, through the Institute on Global Ethics.

UniversalGiving is committed to open and supportive leadership, and a company culture focused on values, balance and mutual respect and appreciation. You can visit our team page to learn more about the individuals behind the organization.

If you’d like to keep up with UniversalGiving’s latest news, you can sign up for our newsletters. For more frequent updates, we’re in the blogging world with PhilanthroPost, and with Pamela’s blog, Living and Giving. You can also follow us and our CEO on Twitter, or visit our page on Facebook. Come join the conversation, and learn more about giving and volunteering all over the world.

UniversalGiving is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, whose vision is to "Create a World Where Giving and Volunteering Are a Natural Part of Everyday Life."™