Victory Programs ReVision Urban Farm

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Basic Information

Address: 38 Fabyan Street Dorchester, MA 02124
Phone Number: 617-822-FARM (3276)

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Victory Programs ReVision Urban Farm
Victory Programs ReVision Urban Farm
Victory Programs ReVision Urban Farm

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Hunger, Homelessness, Nutrition, Environment, Food justice
Population Served: Low-income residents of Dorchester and surrounding neighborhoods
Ages for Volunteer: 12 and up
Hours of Service: 9 AM to 12 PM; 1 PM to 4 PM
Minimum Hours Required: 2 to 3 hours
Days of Service: Tuesday through Friday
Mission Statement:

Located in the heart of Dorchester, the mission of Victory Programs ReVision Urban Farm is to provide fresh, affordable, locally grown produce to families in the city with limited incomes and transportation access, as well as neighbors living in the area. The unique connection between Victory’s Revision Urban Farm and the ReVision Family Home has created a dynamic and innovative approach to ending homelessness.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Our ReVision Urban Farm began as a small garden in 1990 alongside the shelter for homeless mothers that is now the ReVision Family Home. With the purchase of three abandoned lots across the street, a plot of land was reclaimed in the heart of the city to become the ReVision Urban farm we operate today.Three main goals have shaped the development of our ReVision Urban Farm: small-scale, green, economic development; community food security; and job training and education. These goals are woven into the fabric of the farm and the programs we operate. Since 1990, when a small garden grew into an urban farm, together the ReVision Family Home and the ReVision Urban Farm have given food and shelter to hundreds of homeless families and provided healthful food options to thousands of people throughout the community.

Our Story is a simple one: All things are possible when lives are given the proper nurturing, sunlight and time to grow.

Program History:

Victory Programs’ ReVision Family Home, located in Dorchester, Massachusetts, is a shelter for 22 homeless women and their families that provides life-stabilization services, intensive housing placement services and vocational case management services. ReVision Family Home is directly connected to Victory Programs’ ReVision Urban Farm and also provides hands on nutritional services to shelter residents.

The residents of ReVision Family Home receive support for their young families in helping them learn to address their needs and increase self-sufficiency. The shelter also operates a day-care program for the children while their mothers participate in other services such as housing search or job-readiness.

Since opening in 1990, ReVision Family Home has helped hundreds of homeless women and their children make healthy choices while moving toward housing stability and independence.

Originally called ReVision House, the program began as a very small grassroots effort to positively impact the lives of young homeless mothers and their children. As ReVision House established itself it quickly became a proud accomplishment of an impoverished block. Concern for the nutritional well-being of both the shelter residents and the surrounding community led to the creation of a small garden to grow fresh food. This social-enterprise venture has grown into the 1-acre farm located across the street now known as Victory Programs’ ReVision Urban Farm.

In 2004 ReVision House and Victory Programs formed an alliance that led to a merger of the two organizations. Today the ReVision Family Home and its companion ReVision Urban Farm are two of the dynamic and innovative programs under Victory Programs’ umbrella of services. Through our new ReVision Urban Farm Stand located on Blue Hill Ave, the bounty of these programs will be made accessible to the larger community.

Victory Program’s ReVision Family Home is enhanced by a well-developed referral system and linkages to community-based services. Referral agencies provide a variety of services to program participants including maternal and pediatric health care, mental health services, child and youth development programs, education, and job training. The ReVision Family Home also collaborates with a part-time housing advocate whose primary responsibility is to assist residents in their permanent housing search. Individual meetings are provided to ensure that residents are working constructively towards their goals.


Opening for Business on Friday, July 6th, 2012
ReVision Farm is opening a farm stand at 1062 Blue Hill Avenue in Dorchester, MA, at the corner of Arbitus Street. We offer a full variety of locally grown produce. Our offerings will vary with the season. Our prices will be very affordable. We accept SNAP/EBT!

Days: Thursday and Friday
Hours: 2:30pm - 6:30pm

Hours: 10:00am - 2:00pm

Additional Information:

ReVision Urban Farm relies on the support of volunteers to help feed the families residing at ReVision Family Home and to be a vibrant part of the Dorchester community. Most volunteers work on our farm but there are occasionally other types of volunteer opportunities as well, such as tutoring, nutritional counseling, and carpentry.

Volunteering At ReVision Urban Farm

  • When you volunteer at ReVision Urban Farm, not only will you get your hands dirty, but you’ll also be part of the movement to grow fresh, healthy food in the city. Here is how to volunteer with us:
  • We welcome individual volunteers or groups of up to 15 people, ages 12 and up.
  • We ask you to commit to volunteering for two or more hours.
  • Please contact the farm to schedule a time to volunteer with us. Call us at (617) 822 – 3276.
  • Typically, volunteers join us for three-hour shifts, T – F, between 9 am and 4 pm.
  • There are sometimes opportunities to volunteer with us on a Saturday or Sunday. As always, we ask that you contact us in advance to schedule your volunteer shift.
  • We need the most help from mid-March through mid-November.
  • We gladly provide groups of children aged 11 and under with a tour of the farm. Individual children of this age range are also welcome to volunteer with us when accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • In case of heavy rain or thunderstorms we may need to reschedule your volunteer visit. Please plan to be in touch with us in case of inclement weather.

The Volunteer Experience

Volunteer tasks on our farm vary with the season. In the early spring, we work in the greenhouse, spread compost, and prepare our fields for growing. In the late spring, we transplant seedlings into our fields and continue working in the greenhouse. During summer and fall, we harvest our produce and prepare growing beds for succession crops. Throughout the growing season we rely on volunteers to keep back the weeds and maintain trash-free gardens. We also often need assistance with produce distribution for shelter residents, our neighborhood farm stand, and our Community Supported Agriculture program. Finally, the late fall is a time for cleaning up the fields, spreading compost, planting cover crop, and other tasks to get ready for the winter freeze.

Come Prepared

Volunteering at a farm is hot in the summer, cold in the spring and fall, and always dirty – come prepared and dressed appropriately for farming. Please consider the following guidelines:

1) Wear clothes that you will not mind getting dirty.
2) Wear closed-toe shoes.
3) If it is cold or raining, bring a jacket or dress in layers.
4) Bring a water bottle, sunscreen, and a hat.