Wil-Dor and Associates, Inc.

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Basic Information

Address: Post Office Box 42872 Indianapolis, IN 46242-0872
Phone Number: 317-660-2409
Fax Number: 317-660-2408
Director: Regena Willis Dorsey

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Wil-Dor and Associates, Inc.

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Additional Information

Clearances Required: Yes
Background Check: Yes
Ages for Volunteer: 0-9999
Hours of Service: N/A
Minimum Hours Required: N/A
Days of Service: 24-7, 365 Days a Year
Mission Statement:

WIL-DOR's sole purpose is to create an environment where we provide quality services by being a model agency where clients as partners are valued and respected.
WIL-DOR and Associates, Inc is a non-profit 501c3 organization committed to individuals, families and communities assuring a bright future for all. WIL-DOR and Associates, Inc. continued mission is "To strengthen the community, protect the vulnerable and empower the able by maintaining social consciousness with focused exposure on human services.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

We believe that:
• Every person has intrinsic value and is deserving of dignity and respect
• All people can improve their lives with appropriate support and encouragement through positive guidance
• Families should be the first resource for the emotional and financial support of their children and family members
• Constant and fair employment is the first step towards achieving economic independence
• Each step on the path to independence is worthwhile
• Diversity strengthens communities

Additional Information:

WIL-DOR and Associates, Inc. is a 501c3community based not-for-profit organization that offers five areas of services and activities for the Indianapolis and Gary, Indiana under serviced communities. The multi-facet programs of WIL-DOR and Associates, INC. are a positive means of directing economically deprived families, neglected and abused elders, delinquent youth in need of redirecting towards the accomplishment of worthwhile goals and objectives, Students in need of academic assistance, Families devastated by domestic abuse and violence and assisting formerly incarcerated woman between the ages of 18 and older who’ve been incarcerated for 365 days or more, who are in need of assistance with  positive re-introduction to society.

 WIL-DOR has formed a partnership with juvenile justice systems, public education school districts, employment placement offices, convalescent homes / senior housing agencies and various community based organizations partnership to develop a network in the cities of Gary and Indianapolis. This community enrichment program is dedicated to the total well being of all our citizens. Wil-Dor is not a faith based organization; however we do exercise our religious freedom and uphold Christian values.
Highlights of the Focus and Program Operation
Focus 1:       M.O.N.O.N Youth Services – Moving on Now or Never
  • Assess social needs of ex- juvenile detention youth up to age 18
  • Provide instruction, tutorial assistance, and other supportive services to participants resulting in them achieving and maintaining academics success
  • Monitor youth during probation duration if assigned by Juvenile Justice Court
  • Provide opportunities for demonstrating positive social behaviors through adult and peer mentoring.
Focus 2:C.H.A.N.G.E – Creatively Helping and Nurturing Growth Everyday
  • Provide a series of 6-week and 12-week workshops, which will allow ex-female offender the opportunity to receive training in the areas of employments, life-skills, dress for success, self-esteem/personal appearance (hair and makeup) and other services relating to re-introducing the client to society.
  • Provide families devastated by domestic violence with support and other resources
Focus 3:      H.E.A.R.T.S – Helping Everyone Achieve Riches through Service
  • Introduce community members to Service learning projects that impact under serviced area
  • Revitalize impoverished areas with  the planting of flowers, and other clean-up projects
  • Provide participants with the opportunity to give of their time in communities less fortunate than the one they may live in. Through their service they will earn the greatest compensation of all, The giving of ones time to help others.
Focus 4:      A.G.E.D –    Assisting Grandparents and Elders Daily
  • Provide assistance for Elderly community members who are both in a Nursing/Convalescent Home setting and in need of an adopted family for visits and other outing activities.
  • Provide assistance for Elderly community members who’ve been victims of abuse and other acts of neglect.
  • Provide assistance with grandparent adoption program for mentoring of at-risk youth in need of a mentor who can provide wisdom in the areas of life, education, and family.
Focus 5:       T.W.E.E.N.S – Together We Embrace Education Now for Success  
  • Provide guidance for team of 3 students studying together for academic excellence for a 9 week grading period duration.
  • 1 Senior High, 1 Junior High , and 1 Elementary student per team
  • Students will tutor each other on academic areas in need of attention
  • Senior High student will serve as Team captain