A-WOW International Girls Leadership Initiative

Basic Information

Phone Number: 214.995.1927
Fax Number: 972.315.3425
Director: Carolyn Wright

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A-WOW International Girls Leadership Initiative
A-WOW International Girls Leadership Initiative
A-WOW International Girls Leadership Initiative
A-WOW International Girls Leadership Initiative

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Additional Information

Causes Served: youth, girls, women, education, mentoring
Background Check: Yes
Ages for Volunteer: 16+
Hours of Service: 8:00am - 5:00pm CST
Minimum Hours Required: 1
Days of Service: Sun - Sat
Mission Statement:

Our mission is to establish an enduring legacy for female leadership by educating, training and facilitating a cross-cultural exchange of ideas through fostering international relationships. Also, our goal is to promote the expansion and service of female based organizations and businesses globally.

Program History:

“Transforming Leadership One Girl At A Time”

A-WOW INC, a not-for-profit organization based in Dallas, Texas, USA, operates as the flagship program of A-WOW International Girls Leadership Initiative, an acculturation program, which actively promotes leadership, education, diversity and innovation.

A global female-based initiative-established to help emerging teens girls and young women ages, 16-21 to develop personal leadership abilities, skill development and help prepare them to assume active leadership roles throughout various communities.

A-WOW provides innovative learning opportunities, education and leadership development through expert experiences and education of a higher quality. Through our programs, students embark upon a lifetime of meaningful participation; trainings and exposure that will help prepare them to become well-informed leaders and citizens.

Our aims is to educate, empower, and enrich irrespective of social, religious or ethnic backgrounds.

To establish an enduring legacy for female leadership and promote the expansion and service of female based organizations and businesses globally.

To be the preferred leadership organization with a global initiative for girls ages 16 - 21, actively aspiring to be leaders of today and/or future generations.

Increase girls’ knowledge of skills that bolster self-esteem and self-awareness through classroom exercises, community involvement and engaging in environmental programs.
Provide high-potential youth with tools and resources that build leadership skills.
Cultivate each individual’s ability and enhance her responsibility to create change in society.
Break down the barriers that separate different cultures by providing programs and training focused on how the global community is connected and how we can learn from each other to solve challenges that affect us all as well as, cultivate ethical responsibility.
Collaborate with other youth organization and educator to increase girls’ levels of awareness about career opportunities that exist in their country as well as others.
Expose young women to professional environments and successful mentors.

Program Components

A-WOW-Harmony Academy Girls Leadership Program [January - May]
Harmony Science Academy, Grand Prairie, TX. Harmony Public Schools are high performing K-12 public charter schools in Texas that focus on math, science, engineering, and computer technologies to provide opportunities for under-served communities. A-WOW facilitates a leadership - mentor-ship program for girls attending Harmony.

Students enrolled in the program meets once a week for a span of 5 months. The Program is established to assist in providing an increasing number of girls ages 11-15 year olds with opprotunities to develop and enhance their interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. We educate and train girls on how to collaborate, handle and understand the unique challenges and pressures faced by youth in today’s society. Participants will learn leadership skills, gain knowledge and experience through education, mentoring and coaching.

A-WOW IGLI Spring Ambassador Institute [January - February]
A-WOW IGLI Summer Ambassador Institute [May - June]
A-WOW IGLI Annual Spring/Summer Leadership and Development Institute cover a two-month span of personal leadership development. Candidates spend time learning and developing leadership and interpersonal skills. Each program consist of orientation and registration, pre/post-assessments, mentoring and coaching, class assignments as well as, group projects and networking.

A-WOW IGLI World Summit/Conferences [July - August]
The A-WOW International Girls Leadership World Summit is two-weeks of high-level learning, mentoring and coaching designed to help teens and young women has to reach their dreams and goals, and prepare them to assume active leadership roles in their community. It is all about "Decisive action and sacred support" for those who are serious about achievements and doing what it takes with a ‘no-excuses’ approach.

Through A-WOW IGLI, students embark upon a lifetime of meaningful participation, trainings and exposure. Participants are introduced to new ideas and perspectives, that will help prepare them to become well-informed leaders and citizens in making the world a better place.

A-WOW IGLI Fall Symposium [October]
The A-WOW IGLI Mentoring Symposium is a two-day leadership retreat of empowerment, enrichment and education that provides a unique, cross-cultural learning experience via lectures, workshops and team-building exercises that will focus on making choices, personal leadership skills development, self-empowerment, health, and community services.

Scholarship Program
In 2010, the A-WOW Inc., a not-for-profit organization, introduced a scholarship program to encourage students from different communities to pursue leadership. The program is open to girls ages, 16 - 21 years old, from various communities that have achieved academic excellence and will attend an accredited college/university institution the following fall. Students are eligible to receive a scholarship by meeting all necessary eligibility requirements.
Annual Fundraiser Events

Film Screening and Panel Discussions - A-WOW International Girls Leadership Initiative we will host a series of special screening on films relating to girls and women empowerment. In an effort to jump-start “A-WOW Call-To-Action Campaign” that seeks to empower women and girls to challenge, limiting labels in order to realize their potential, and to encourage men and boys to stand up to sexism.

American youth are being sold the concept that women and girls’ value lies in their youth, beauty and sexuality. It is time to break that cycle of mistruths. A-WOW IGLI believes that all people should be represented equally in our media, that our voices should be heard and that we should all be valued for our talents, capacity as leaders, and ability to contribute to the world at large.

Raffle - The girls are working very hard to raise money to travel and attend the International
Girls Leadership World Summit in July/August in Dallas Texas. The conference will be the host to girls ages 16-21, locally and from around the world that have been selected to participate in the A-WOW IGLI mentoring program. The raffle is just one part of the girl’s fundraising efforts, which also include a boat ride. Silent auction and doing odd jobs as a group at homes and
business in exchnage for donations.

Autumn Sail Boat Ride/silent auction - is a silent auction and ticketed event that raises money to underwrite A-WOW IGLI annual educational curriculums, workshops, and classes for girls ages 11 - 21 as well as help contribute funds for A-WOW IGLI Scholarship Trust.


A-WOW 2012 World Summit
Young Women Leadership “Be The Change You Want To See”
July 29th - August 9th - Dallas, TX

Additional Information:

                                                                                                                                                    Media Contact
                                                                                                                                                    Carolyn Wright (214) 995-1927


                                                                              A-WOW 2012 World Summit
                                                                 Young Women Leadership “ Be The Change”
                                                                        July 29 - August 9, 2012, Dallas Texas

The 2012 World Summit is A-WOW Inc. annual flagship event hosted by A-WOW International Girls Leadership Initiative (A-WOW IGLI).

A-WOW World Summit (AWS) will host a select group of  young women ages 16-21, for twelve exciting days and nights.  Selected participants will engage in various activities such as: action labs, youth advocacy community project and service, youth empowerment summit, etiquette training, fun excursions, theme parks and tours hosted by (American Eagle, Alliance Airport Fort Worth, African American Employee Resource Group, Texas Aero Engine Services Limited, The Work (Byron Katie) City of Dallas) and more!

This year's AWS aims to have an inclusive agenda addressing global young women leadership,  and the under-representation, following one of the core development goals of the United States White House Council on Women and Girls and the United Nations Women to achieve “gender equality” and “women empowerment” for all women and girls.  AWS offers a wide range of powerful and progressive sessions on cultural diversity and inclusion of best practices, unparalleled coaching, mentoring sessions, personal, social and professional development seminars from various experts about current situations of young women leadership; henceforth, creating steps to enhance education and career opportunities.

The Summit will also be aligned with the launching of A-WOW Global Initiative in Accra Ghana and its main objectives are to:  
●    Educate young women to develop and display positive self-worth and healthy relationships with self, others and their  environment through financial, identity, psychological and social capital.
●    Raise awareness and gain momentum of global leadership issues challenging young women through bridging culture and gender barriers to tackle the challenges together by becoming positive change agents for home, community, businesses, their country, and in a global economy.
●    Inspire young women to successfully demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning which includes authentic leadership development, life skills, social competencies, and character development.

These skills equip them to act as resources, contributors, mentors, and volunteers in a variety of leadership roles at home, school, community, business and beyond.

About A-WOW International Girls Leadership Initiative: A-WOW IGLI operates as a not-for-profit organization based in Dallas, TX. Established to help emerging young women ages 16 - 21, in the development of leadership skills and to help in preparing them for the assumption of active roles throughout their lives.  Our aim is to educate, empower and enable all young women of diverse social, religious or ethnic backgrounds.  For more information and to apply online visit http://igli.awow.us.