Basic Information

Address: 248 W. 24th Street Norfolk, Virginia 23517
Phone Number: 757-640-0929
Fax Number: 757-622-8932
Director: Stacie Walls-Beegle

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Additional Information

Causes Served: HIV, AIDS, Testing
Population Served: Community
Ages for Volunteer: 14 & Up
Hours of Service: Saturday, 5pm - 10pm, Sunday, 10am - 4:30pm
Days of Service: Saturday & Sunday
Mission Statement:

Our mission is to promote the dignity and wellness of adults, families, youth and children impacted by HIV/AIDS through quality support and prevention services, so they may live healthy lives.

At ACCESS AIDS Care we have worked to adapt our services to the advances that have been made to fight HIV and AIDS. Individuals are now living longer with the disease, but their need for services from ACCESS AIDS Care has not diminished. In addition, the face of HIV/AIDS is constantly changing and it is our commitment to our community to serve those who are affected by HIV/AIDS.

Program History:

In 1989, CANDII (Children's AIDS Network) and Full Circle AIDS Hospice Support were two individual agencies working in Hampton Roads to better the community and help those affected and infected with HIV/AIDS. Each did their part to serve their respective clients and educate the community on the overwhelming effect of HIV/AIDS in Hampton Roads.

Full Circle AIDS Hospice Support had an excellent reputation of serving individuals who were at the end stages of their disease and needed hospice support services. They provided case management and meals to over 150 people annually. CANDII focused its efforts on women and children impacted by the disease and provided family-centered services throughout all stages of HIV. They also provided case management, day care and support groups to over 300 people affected by HIV/AIDS annually.

In 2006, a merger between Full Circle AIDS Hospice Support and CANDII formed AIDS Care Center for Education and Supportive Services. The two agencies came together with a common mission: to serve more individuals and families that are impacted by HIV/AIDS in Hampton Roads. Under our new name, ACCESS AIDS Care, we have united the two causes and brought together two solid reputations, so we may better serve our community. For more than 20 years, we have been bringing HIV/AIDS awareness and support services to the Hampton Roads community.


Give Back in Bingo: ACCESS AIDS would not be able to complete our mission without the hands of volunteers for our charity gaming Bingo Games, held Saturdays from 5-10 and Sundays from 10-4. Bingo duties would include selling “instants” (a small, tear-off lotto ticket) to Bingo players, handing out Bingo programs, verifying Bingo numbers for winners, and providing general support to the office staff at the Bingo hall.

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