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Basic Information

Address: 4550 W. 109th Street Suite 210 Overland Park, KS 66211
Phone Number: 816-654-3563
Director: Josh Braman

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Elderly, end of life, hospice, nursing home, companionship, veterans
Clearances Required: Yes
Background Check: Yes
Ages for Volunteer: 16+ for office/18+ for patient care
Hours of Service: 9am-9pm
Minimum Hours Required: 1-3 hours per week
Days of Service: Monday-Friday
Mission Statement:

Ascend Hospice, formerly Care Alternatives, is committed to providing extremely exceptional care and services with integrity and compassion.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Dedicated to a holistic approach, Ascend Hospice’s expert interdisciplinary teams provide state-of-the art hospice care, including pain control and symptom management through holistic and traditional therapies, as well as emotional support for patients and families.

Additional Information:

Ascend Hospice volunteers are a group of loyal individuals who devote themselves to ensuring the mission of compassionate, sensitive hospice care is fulfilled. Our dedicated volunteers provide companionship, holistic therapies and much more. Our newest volunteer program, the End of Life Doula program, prepares volunteers to accompany the dying and their families, providing emotional and spiritual support and guidance in the final days of life. Learn more about how to become an end of life doula.

We are always looking for special individuals to fill one of the many volunteer roles in the following areas:

Companionship Volunteers: Patient care volunteers are a vital part of the hospice team, providing companionship to the patient and respite to the caregiver. Volunteers can help by making friendly visits, reading to patients, writing letters or running errands. However, the most important thing the volunteer offers is just being there to listen, share quiet moments of contemplation or offer a gentle touch when needed.

Bereavement Volunteers: Bereavement volunteers offer support to the families and friends of our patients. During the grieving process, the bereavement volunteer serves as an invaluable resource for family members and friends, especially those who lack a solid support network.

Administrative Volunteers: Administrative volunteers provide help to the staff by assisting with typing; addressing cards; organizing newsletters, packets and manuals; and other varied clerical duties.

Holistic/Complementary Volunteers: Holistic therapies are offered to both patients and families, as well as to facility staff for comfort, relaxation and personal growth. Many of our volunteers are trained in massage, Reiki, reflexology, pet therapy and aromatherapy. Holistic/complementary volunteers also offer music and visualization for added growth and comfort.