Catholic Charities D.C.

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Basic Information

Address: 924 G Street NW
Phone Number: 202-772-4300

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Homelessness, hunger, addiction, immigration, legal services, developmental disabilities, job training
Population Served: Homeless, immigrants, elderly, kids
Ages for Volunteer: Depends on volunteer project
Mission Statement:

Catholic Charities is the social ministry outreach of the Archdiocese of Washington. Motivated by the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, and guided by Catholic social and moral teaching, Catholic Charities strengthens the lives of all in need by giving help that empowers and hope that lasts. To this end we affirm and support the dignity of all human life, strengthen families and serve the poor and most vulnerable.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Cognizant of our responsibility to the community, we will be recognized as an effective advocate for social justice. We will be a catalyst by which people are inspired and motivated to serve the poor and the vulnerable. We will create networks, work with parishes and partner with all who share our goals.

We will remain committed to the poor, especially the homeless, immigrant newcomers at-risk and persons with mental and developmental disabilities. We will help individuals and families move from crisis and isolation to stability and growth. We will be accessible to those in need through comprehensive, integrated and culturally competent services. We will help all who want to get and hold a job to do so.

By setting standards of excellence and best practices, we will provide an environment in which our staff and volunteers can grow, contribute their best efforts and value their investment in our mission.

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