Changing The Present

Basic Information

Address: 401 7th Ave, Office Level B, New York, NY 10001
Phone Number: 646 669 7527
Director: Robert Tolmach

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Addiction, African-American, Aging, Agriculture, Animal Welfare, Arts & Culture, Blindness & Vision, Bullying, Cancer, Catholic, Children and Youth, China, Christian, Civil Society, Community Health, Computer Literacy, Conserve Sea And Marine Resources, Deafness, Diabetes, Disabilities, Disaster Relief, Domestic Abuse, Education (Art), Education (Early Childhood), Education (Higher), Education (K-12), Education (Music), Education (Special), Education (STEM), Education (Vocational), Entrepreneurship, Environment, Financial Literacy, Gender Equality, Global Health, Global Warming, Health, Hispanic, HIV/AIDS, Housing, Human Rights, Human Trafficking and Slavery, Hunger, Inclusive Cities, Inclusive Societies, India, Jewish, LGBTQ, Legal Services, Mental health, Microcredit, Multiple Sclerosis, Native Americans, New York, Peace, Poverty, Protect Environment And Biodiversity, Public Broadcast, Reduce Inequality, Refugees, Sexual Abuse, Social Entrepreneurship, Stem Education, Strengthen Global Partnerships, Substance Abuse, Suicide Prevention, Sustainable Consumption And Production, Sustainable Development Goals, Sustainable Economy, Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Industrialization, Technology, Urgent Action On Climate Change, Veterans, Water, Women and Girls, Youth Sports. ​
Mission Statement:

We help them capture some of the $450 billion that Americans, alone, spend each year on birthday, wedding, and holiday presents. We do so by making the experience of donating in a friend’s name feel like a rewarding alternative to buying and giving more “stuff.” Visitors can choose from among thousands of tangible gift opportunities (preserve an acre of the rainforest, fund an hour of cancer research, etc.) from hundreds of leading nonprofits, send personalized printed greeting cards, and share wish lists & registries.

Additional Information:

ChangingThePresent has had interns from more than fifty countries around the world. Outstanding student interns take leadership roles in our organization. They can work within their own professional field (HR, graphics, communications, technology, accounting, social media, research, finance, management, marketing, supply chain management, etc.). They can also choose to focus on their favorite charitable cause.

Benefits for Interns
Interns at ChangingThePresent:
- Have the satisfaction of making a big impact in the world by channeling to nonprofits addressing their favorite causes some of the $450 billion Americans spend each year on presents.
- Use their skills, experience, knowledge, creativity and talent.
- Assume responsibility and take a leadership role.
- Learn a tremendous amount.
- Have a great time working with wonderful people from around the world in a friendly and supportive environment.
- Enhance their resume with a record of achievement and community service.
- Earn a great recommendation letter to help advance their studies and careers.