A Cleaner Ward 7

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Basic Information

Address: 4238 Edson Pl N.E Washington D.C
Phone Number: 202.422.6185
Director: Mark Bey

Action Shots

A Cleaner Ward 7
A Cleaner Ward 7
A Cleaner Ward 7
A Cleaner Ward 7

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Litter Prevention
Population Served: Washington D.C and the everyone who cares about protecting the environment
Ages for Volunteer: 16
Hours of Service: It varies this is a multi-year project
Minimum Hours Required: 2 to 3
Mission Statement:

Inspire a civic mindedness when it comes to activism in the community.

Engage and excite the residents in order to unleash the progressive activism in people who normally aren’t engaged in enhancement efforts in their communities.

Inspire a personal commitment, accountability and responsibility towards improving the surrounding that Ward 7 residents live in and then point that energy in the direction of community service.

To lower the amount of trash going into the Anacostia river from ward 7.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

By working together we can bring the change we need

Program History:

I observed a lot of trash on the ground in certain parts of my community and after years of not doing anything I finally decided to do something. Over the last year I have been organizing the community and online in order to do litter prevention in a comprehensive way.


Clean up even on 5/14/16 part of a multi-year effort called the a cleaner ward 7 initiative

Additional Information:

What is the "A Cleaner Ward 7 Initiative"?

Well, this will be a multi-year initiative designed to increase awareness in the citizens of Ward 7, Washington D.C, about the problem of litter going into the Anacostia River.

I have been going out by myself, for the most part, over the past several months and doing what I can. However, it would be more impactful if I could get some help from other volunteers, including residents of Ward 7.

We want to help empower the residents of Ward 7 Washington D.C to become active in the fight to take care of our planet, because we are all in this together. As we move forward with this initiative, we are striving to assemble a powerful team of activists and volunteers who are willing to go out and do something to beautify Ward 7 Washington D.C through the removal of trash in our parks and streets.

The problem we are facing with the degradation of the environment is one that we all must contribute to solving.

Here are some videos of the Watts Branch Anacostia and the Anacostia, which is now full of trash after a thunderstorm earlier this week.

If you would like to help us with this effort please click on the following link and leave us some contact information. http://acleanerward7.org/get-involved.html