Cross Over Community Development

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Basic Information

Address: Virtual
Phone Number: 9375597195
Director: Catherine Bitwayiki

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Causes Served: English as a Second Language
Population Served: Immigrants and refugees
Ages for Volunteer: Above 18 years
Hours of Service: Flexible
Minimum Hours Required: 5 per weeks
Days of Service: Monday through Saturday
Mission Statement:

Cross Over Community Development is a resource center for immigrants and underserved communities that provide educational services and employment opportunities in the greater Dayton area.

Program History:

ABE for a Multicultural Society
This new model of Adult Basic Education (ABE) is an introduction to American customs for refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants who are transitioning into American culture. The program attempts to complement the already available ESL in that it seeks to develop some oral competency before attempting to transition into reading and writing English. Graduates will be able to navigate easily and faster the maze of social services which will contribute to their successful integration into the local community.

Additional Information:

The following are available positions as well:

  1. Instructors lead/Coordinator
  2. Curriculum Coordinators
  3. Online ESL Instructor / Teacher-Trainers
  4. Teachers of pronunciation and Accent Reduction