Divine Grace Medical Missionaries

Basic Information

Address: 8515 Fondren Rd, #210 Houston TX 77074
Phone Number: 713-773-1232
Fax Number: 713771232
Director: Vickie Quintana

Action Shots

Divine Grace Medical Missionaries
Divine Grace Medical Missionaries
Divine Grace Medical Missionaries
Divine Grace Medical Missionaries

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Education, Medical, Literacy, Homeles,
Population Served: Hispanic, African American, Asia
Ages for Volunteer: 2-60
Hours of Service: 8am-8pm
Minimum Hours Required: 60
Days of Service: Monday-Friday
Mission Statement:

Our mission is strengthening the capacity of low-income families in the Houston Metropolitan Area to become self- sufficient through a long term model of programs and services specifically designed to: (1) impact and offset poverty and hunger; (2) influence and counteract intergenerational behavior that averts a successful and healthy life. We are committed to addressing these issues through programs that focus on: (1) literacy and education; (2) health and wellness; (3) health care training, skill acquisition and job training

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

It is the goal of DGGM to sustain all of their programs in order to continue service without disruption. The agency has sustained itself since inception, including implement Health and Wellness programs on an international level. Although there are some supporters, the fundraising efforts to undergird these programs have for the most part been exclusive done “in house.” Due to the increase demand and expansion for and of all our programs and services, it is imperative that additional funding sources are secured.

Program History:

Divine Grace Medical Missionaries (DGMM), is a non-profit and charitable organization dedication to helping children, women, youth, families and clients develop and live healthier lives. Founded in Houston, Texas in 2008 by Sr. Edith Aguh, we help sick and underserved populations to better care for themselves. We are committed to training individuals from all walks of life to be medical professionals since most are first introduced to our agency through health and wellness. Our residential facility provides food, clothing, medical care, provision and basic education to children and youth from families in crisis, juvenile detention centers. Families in crisis include abuse, alcohol and drug addiction, abandonment, homelessness, and emotional abuse. We also offer assistance to those who are hungry in Houston, Texas, through our food pantry.
The DGMM is goal-focused and the program is family centered, community-based, and designed to enhance youth and children’s physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development. We provides a one-to-one friendship, companionship, social and academic enrichment between volunteers and youths from dysfunctional families and single-parent families. We provide food pantry to help hungry children, teenagers, runaways, and adult shelter to physically challenged and the needy elderly in Houston Metropolitan Area.
In addition to the above, the DGMM centers provide services such as hunger awareness, nutrition education, healthy eating, cooking skills, homeless shelter, meals, showers, clothing, first aid, routine medical services, medicines, healthcare materials, and referrals for treatments of mental illness, trauma, HIV/AIDS, viral Hepatitis, pregnancy prevention, academic enrichment, and health education. Furthermore, it provides a comprehensive educational program that will enhance the social, intellectual, physical and emotional development of poor children, families and youths.


Since its conception we have developed, delivered and disseminate health educational program and materials for health care providers in different settings around the global. DGMM has been providing healthy eating education, hunger awareness, health education and community activities for the children, families, homeless and youths. In addition, DGMM mobilizes local communities, community health care workers for quarterly health fairs, health education, viral hepatics awareness, and HIV/AIDs prevention in the community.
DGMM achievements includes:
A.) Establishment of health education, health literacy, healthy lifestyle to needy and low income children and families.
B.) Minimize homelessness and parents who use their children to beg for food, clothing and money.
C.) Develop community health education that enables us to take care of the well-being of the abandoned children, disabled, and those infected with Obesity, HIV, STD, hypertension, and related diseases.
D.) We are excited about these challenges we have undertake to help suffering children, teenagers and youths in Houston, West African and South America countries. With hard work and dedicated service by all our staff and volunteers, we have been making both in Houston and Internationally.
E.) In West Africa and South America countries, the DGMM uses already existing dilapidated infrastructures, churches, schools, community centers, and organizations in the area to rebuild and restructure them for potentials projects as outlined.
F.) The DGMM has completed four years of medical mission to Houston, Philippines, Nigeria, Haiti, and Cameroon.
G.) We have American healthcare volunteers and other professionals to assist and to educate parents, and other citizens on how to care for physically challenged children, people infected with HIV and Viral Hepatitis, children that suffer from trauma, and those that have emotional and psychological problems as a result of abuse and torture.