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Basic Information

Address: 189 Wall Street Suite B Princeton, NJ
Phone Number: 6097513300
Director: Robert M Church

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DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation
DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation
DoughMain Financial Literacy Foundation

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Additional Information

Population Served: All
Ages for Volunteer: 18 and up
Hours of Service: 15+
Days of Service: M-F
Mission Statement:

To prepare today’s students and the larger community for a lifetime of financial responsibility

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

. In today's fast-paced consumer society, financial literacy is an essential everyday life skill. It can mean the difference between having the ability to understand and manage the financial landscape, manage limited financial resources and risks effectively, establish security, create opportunities and avoid financial pitfalls or the total collapse of generations of families. It helps people make informed choices, day-to-day and throughout their lives.

Program History:

FitKit Programs have provided financial literacy training to more than 6,000 middle and high school students to date. We currently serve a growing number of schools (approved for approx. 40,000 students) in PA, NJ, SC, DC and the Barney Charter School Initiative (OH, CO, TX, NM, GA, AR, NV, FL, MI, IN) with ethnically and socio-economically challenged populations. The outcomes have been impressive, and testimonials show the course is improving students’ money-spending habits and altering their financial decision-making processes. We are currently in the process of developing FitKit Middle School Edition (pilot 2020) and Express versions of the curriculum catered toward vulnerable populations outside the school system, with plans to adapt the program specifically for women, single mothers, minorities and the Spanish speaking population. Our financial literacy programs are offered at no cost to schools and communities with the support of local business and organizations.

Additional Information:

The Foundation is seeking support to help us scale our organization to reach more students and communities in 2020 and beyond. Our young people are losing their ability to be self-sufficient, saddled by excessive credit card debt, student loans it will take them decades to pay off and other financial obstacles to independence. Through our school programs, we are working to reverse this trend before it jeopardizes the ability of our youth to be self-sufficient and financially independent adults. We are expanding our reach to more schools and communities nationally, with a focus on reaching underprivileged youth.

To our knowledge, the Foundation's is the only comprehensive curriculum to meet the Core Curriculum Content Standards for 21st-Century Life and Careers, National Standards for Financial Literacy by the Council for Economic Education, JumpStart Coalition National Standards for Personal Finance Education and National Common Core. FitKit programs are poised to have an incredible impact. Our goal is to reach 100,000 students over the next 12-18 months and 1 Million by 2024.