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Basic Information

Address: 11 East 40th St
Phone Number: 8165618920
Director: Mandy Caruso-Yahne

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Episcopal Community Services
Episcopal Community Services
Episcopal Community Services
Episcopal Community Services

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Additional Information

Causes Served: hunger
Clearances Required: No
Background Check: No
Population Served: homeless, low income, students, anyone welcome
Ages for Volunteer: 14
Hours of Service: 10:30-2:30
Days of Service: Monday - Friday
Mission Statement:

To engage the community in both feeding the hungry and in helping the poor overcome the obstacles of poverty with dignity; feeding the hungry, changing lives.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Food is a basic human right and nobody should have to jump through any hoops to get food that nourishes the body as well as fills the stomach. Those who need food often need other things as well, so our kitchens are never stand alone operations. We use volunteers to serve meals "restaurant-style" providing our guests with dignity by giving them choices and serving them and asking them for their feedback.

Program History:

Kansas City Community Kitchen was started by a local Episcopal Church in 1980. Episcopal Community Services was pulled in to help administrate the program and eventually the location moved to the current location at 750 Paseo Boulevard. KCCK serves anywhere from 150-350 lunches each day plus provides meals on wheel to area seniors and homebound and often helps with food for other area programs. In addition to KCCK, ECS oversees Culinary Cornerstones Training Program, a 6 month long program to train those who are chronically unemployed or underemployed and are interested in working in a professional commercial kitchen. We also oversee the Episcopal Hunger Relief Network, a group of pantries, meal programs and BackSnack programs around the KC metro to help food get from where it's no longer needed to where it can be used to feed those in need.

Additional Information:

Please read through all of the information on our website about volunteering - we have several sites and opportunities for volunteers to serve. All volunteers must complete a release/waiver form before serving and sign up using our online calendar.