Family Support Circle, Inc

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Basic Information

Address: 2059A E Chelten Ave Philadelphia, PA
Phone Number: 2673355857
Fax Number: 2673856119
Director: Kishna Jeantine

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Causes Served: youth development
Clearances Required: Yes
Background Check: Yes
Population Served: at risk, low income students
Ages for Volunteer: 16-65
Hours of Service: 150
Minimum Hours Required: 24
Days of Service: Monday-Thursday
Mission Statement:

Family Support Circle (FSC) works to provide the type of support services that moves towards an ever improving quality of life centered in a healthy and diverse community.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

FSC commits to working side-by-side with each person, families, agencies, diverse communities, international communities and government entities, to set the standard for measurable outcomes so that those embraced in our Family Support Circle shall be free to live their lives and pursue their dreams beyond the limitations of education, developmental disabilities, as well as other mental and emotional illnesses.

Program History:

The Philadelphia program was designed to offer youth an opportunity to shed cultural preconceptions, appreciate and capitalize on what the world has to offer. The program focuses at improving the educational aspects of each young person’s life as they venture into the real world. The program has many components that help young people gain awareness of their surroundings and understand that we share the same basic needs, emotions, and ways of communication that reveal the commonalities that link us all together. Youth are empowered to take responsibility for their actions, social and natural environment and to become leaders themselves. The program has an annual camp/retreat that allows youth time to reflect and share ideas. The annual retreat is done in collaboration with other programs that form a coalition of youths from diverse backgrounds. It facilitates a sense of unity and collaborative partnership among young people.


The Scholarship Center

Grades: 8th-12th

In partnership with The Scholarship Academy, FSC has created a new Scholarship Center to give students and parents an opportunity to search for funding to support their education.

Students receive an average of 15 or more hours to prepare and find funding for college, acquire valuable skills and tools that reduce debts and financial burdens after graduation, and develop writing skills to help create effective essays tailored for each scholarship package.

Students will be able to navigate through hundreds of Local, State, and Regional Funding Opportunities and obtain critical information to apply for colleges with the help and guidance from our FSC mentors.

Abstinence Education

Grades: 6th-8th

The W.A.I.T. (Why Am I Tempted) Training is an abstinence-only-until-marriage curriculum.

Provides five age-appropriate curricula that are known for being easy to use, dynamic, and engaging.

Video vignettes, real life case studies, role plays, interactive exercises, and small-group discussions are offered during this class that create a directed learning environment that encourages self-discovery.II

Insight Mentoring Alignment Program (iMAP)

Many young people do not have enough contact with caring adults. Mentoring is a positive response to this need. Family Support Circle, Inc. is coming up with some ways to engage our older High School students into helping them become positive role models to those who look up to them the most.

Family Support Circle, Inc. will be offering an opportunity for our after-school participants to be paired up with a personal mentor who they can ask questions, meet with, engage in community projects, and look up to!

In iMAP, Our goal is to provide adolescents, youth, and young adults with mentors who can help build strong relationships in:

A group setting and individualized sessions
Set and maintain life goals
Be an overall POSITIVE role model to the younger generation!