Full Moon Farm Wolfdog Sanctuary

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Basic Information

Address: PO Box 1374 Black Mountain, NC 28711-1374
Phone Number: (828) 664-9818
Director: Nancy Brown

Action Shots

Full Moon Farm Wolfdog Sanctuary
Full Moon Farm Wolfdog Sanctuary
Full Moon Farm Wolfdog Sanctuary
Full Moon Farm Wolfdog Sanctuary

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Additional Information

Background Check: Yes
Population Served: 50,000
Ages for Volunteer: 18+ Study programs for High School students
Hours of Service: Contact for further information
Minimum Hours Required: Contact for further information
Days of Service: Monday through Sunday
Mission Statement:

Full Moon Farm is an organization dedicated to the well being of the wolfdog (wolf hybrid). Situated on 17 beautiful mountain acres in Black Mountain, NC, we operate as a federally recognized 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization for abused and refused wolfdogs who find themselves in need of love, shelter, and care through no fault of their own.

Full Moon Farm provides a safe haven for animals that cannot be placed into homes for the rest of their lives. Our rescued wolfdogs come from animal control agencies, closed breeding situations and occasionally, an owner in crisis. We evaluate each animal upon intake and work with them at their level of comfort. Some animals are "hands off" and we respect their choice, as well as that of the animals that crave human interaction. Our goal is to enrich the lives of the residents, allowing them to reach their highest potential. Your support by donation or sponsorship makes our task possible.

Though they may be abused or neglected, homeless because of death or divorce, they are all God's Creatures and worthy of a lifetime of respect. We are here to serve them.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

A wolfdog is a dog with recent wolf heritage. That is, a wolfdog has a pure wolf ancestor within the last five generations. (That would be the wolfdog’s great-great-great grandparent.)

Note: Though many people still use the term "wolf hybrid," this is not an accurate term. A ‘hybrid” is the offspring of two different species. Following reclassification of the dog by taxonomists in 1993, the domestic dog (canis lupus familiaris) is actually viewed as a domestic variant of the gray wolf (canis lupus). Yes, even your Chihuahua.


Full Moon Farm is not regularly open to the public. However, education is important to us and Nancy welcomes those who would like to visit her and learn about wolfdogs. Please see our Calendar of Events for opportunities to attend a Howl-In or other events at the farm.

As Nancy has to work, she can only see people by appointment outside of scheduled events. Please contact her at info@fullmoonfarm.org or 828-664-9818.

Directions to the property are distributed privately--please call or email if you need them for a visit.