Good Samaritan Mission

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Basic Information

Address: 285 WEST PEARL AVE PO BOX 1218 Jackson, WY
Phone Number: 3077333165
Fax Number: 3077339637
Director: Chuck Fidroeff

Action Shots

Good Samaritan Mission
Good Samaritan Mission
Good Samaritan Mission

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Homelessness, addiction, hunger
Population Served: all
Ages for Volunteer: 16+
Hours of Service: 6:00AM - 10:00PM
Minimum Hours Required: none
Days of Service: all
Mission Statement:

. Our mission is to provide an environment conducive to the physical, emotional and spiritual well being of families and individuals in need, and, by working together with other Jackson Hole non-profits, to assist each of our residents and guests toward independent living evidenced by self-sufficiency, employability, and being a healthy and contributing member of society.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Assist the hungry, hurting, homeless to move forward with their lives.

Program History:

Been here since 1978


Fund raising or friend raising.