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Basic Information

Address: A Grateful Mind 4300 Clarcona Ocoee Rd. #401 Orlando, FL 32810 25 Drennen Rd.#1 Orlando, FL 32806 Mailing: PO Box 721915 Orlando, FL 32872
Phone Number: 407-900-5558
Director: Cindy Rand

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A Grateful Mind International
A Grateful Mind International
A Grateful Mind International
A Grateful Mind International

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Additional Information

Causes Served: homeless and poverty stricken
Background Check: Yes
Population Served: homeless and poverty stricken individuals and families with children
Ages for Volunteer: varies depending upon volunteer opportunity
Minimum Hours Required: 3
Days of Service: primarily Friday thru Sunday
Mission Statement:

The mission of A Grateful Mind International is to provide immediate humanitarian relief to individuals and families who are experiencing a crisis; while providing them access to educational resources that will empower them to move beyond their crisis.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Our Vision...

Is to help our neighbors (where ever they may be) that are in need of a helping hand by providing hope, emergency crisis assistance and educational resources to help them move beyond their current crisis and get back on a path of sustainable self-sufficiency.

Our Goal...

Is to exhibit the love of God through our actions...
By feeding every man,woman,boy & girl we encounter that is hungry...
By clothing every person we encounter needing clothes...
By helping those seeking shelter, to find it.
By helping those seeking knowledge, to obtain it.
To 'Give the Gift of Hope' to those that have lost it...
~To exhibit the love of God through our actions.

Program History:

We are A Grateful Mind International, a 501c3 tax exempt charity that operates as a Community Outreach Services agency. We have been serving for over a decade to restore hope and provide Emergency Crisis Assistance and Educational Resources to homeless and poverty stricken individuals and families with children in various communities nationwide. Though based in Central Florida our over all goal is to empower families to move beyond their crisis and give them the tools the need to support themselves over time.


We have multiple events through out the month and year please inquire when contacting us if interested. We are currently seeking volunteers to help with our Reading Incentive Program: "The B.R.A.G.S Club for Kids" (Best Readers Achieve Great Success). This is a feed and read program for homeless and or disadvantaged children grades K-5 on each Friday during the summer starting Friday July 1, 2016 and concluding Saturday August 13, 2016 with our Creating Great Minds Back To School Bash!

Our program serves two-fold: to aid in reducing Summer childhood hunger and help the children gain better reading skills that in turn creates the foundation for a successful school year AND LIFE! We desire to have teachers and passionate community members that are interested in helping children get motivated to love reading and comprehend what they've read in a Fun-Fridays setting!

If you are interested in helping us serve in this capacity email us at volunteers@agratefulmind.org or call 407-900-5558.

Additional Information:
  • College Scholarships for disadvantaged and displaced (when requirements are met)
  • FREE Computer Literacy & Skills Training (by appointment)
  • FREE Crisis Food Assistance several times a month
  • FREE Clothing Assistance (as donations become available)
  • Rental/Utility Assistance (when funds are available
  • FREE Community Events throughout the year for the entire family