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Basic Information

Address: 1125 Pardee Lane, Oakland, CA 94621
Phone Number: 5105695862

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K to College

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Homeless, Education, Youth, Children, Families, Poverty
Clearances Required: No
Background Check: No
Population Served: Low-Income and Homeless
Ages for Volunteer: 10+
Days of Service: Events
Mission Statement:

Addressing the unmet material needs of homeless and other impoverished children, and adults working towards self-sufficiency.

Program History:

K to College (K2C) is the story of a humble nonprofit that evolved from a UC Berkeley student group with a pickup truck into the first effort of its kind in the nation. Just as food banks act a central hub that works with farmers, government and private entities to acquire food cheaply or in-kind and send it to front line organizations such as soup kitchens and churches, K2C uses a similar approach to address the unmet material needs of homeless and other low-income children, youth and adults working towards self-sufficiency. Building the nation’s first “supply bank,” K2C exists to provide an efficient solution to ensure that each individual, from a child in grade-school to an adult in community

college, does not have their path to the workforce impeded by unmet basic material needs. K2C works directly with manufacturers, government and private entities to acquire materials cheaply, kit them by age and gender, and verifiably distribute to those in need. Instead of soup kitchens, our “front lines” for distributions are more than 250 county offices of education and school districts, traditional and domestic violence shelters, early learning agencies and as of 2015, community college districts. 2015 will also be the first year K2C provides basic material needs assistance in every county in California.


2015 Berkeley Volunteer Event - August 23rd, 2015 http://www.ktocollege.org/2015berkeleyvolunteer