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Basic Information

Address: 1805 Concepts 21Dr. Lithonia, GA
Phone Number: 6783905381
Director: April Royal

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Kory Foundation Inc.
Kory Foundation Inc.
Kory Foundation Inc.

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Families of hospitalized children in need of food, gas cards to visit sick child hotel stay and in hospital events to ensure that families know they have support
Clearances Required: No
Background Check: No
Population Served: Patient families and children patients
Ages for Volunteer: 18 or older in-hospital, 14-22 out of hospital events
Hours of Service: 8am-4pm, emails welcome any time
Minimum Hours Required: 2
Days of Service: M-S
Mission Statement:

To assist families of patients within local cities and the metropolitan area with nutritional needs, travel assistance and housing assistance during the stay of their child's hospital stay at a Children's hospital in Atlanta or Augusta.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

We believe that if we work together, wr can change the lives of every family and we strive to do this, because family matters

Program History:

The Kory Foundation Inc. has Bern working to assist families since the passing away of our Founder's son Kory in 2007. The organization was started in his memory after living for only 4 months due to a early birth. We history in-hospital events and give emergency assistance to families. After starting the foundation in 2008, write worked toward the gain of our 501c3 and it was received in 2012. Since that time, we have been working to have more in hospital events, and to partner with more companies and individuals to increase the level of support that we provide to families in need.


The events we have include baskets of love, a monthly food delivery of baskets that are placed in the waiting rooms at Egleston Children's Hospital and Scottish Rite Children's Hospital, we also host annual events such as our February Family Spa days, Easter events, Keepers of the Angels brunch, Harvest Festival and Christmas brunch

Additional Information:

It is our goal to start new programs that will continue to assist families with gaining the necessary nutritional value, and Emergency Services such as overnight stay and gas cars that will allow family members to commute to and from the hospital. These programs are just a few that we are presently working on. After successfully helping the families in the state of Georgia we wish to Branch outside of Georgia to assist families in other cities and states we're families of hospitalized children are in need of assistance. Though we are dedicated to servicing children and their families, we will try to assist any individual within the community that is in need of assistance in any way that we can.