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Basic Information

Address: 9713 SW 2nd Street Miami, FL
Phone Number: 5612239717
Director: Mark Chesney

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My Charity for Kids
My Charity for Kids
My Charity for Kids
My Charity for Kids

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Blind Children,Kid's with Special Need's and their Families, Homeless,Hunger
Ages for Volunteer: all ages
Hours of Service: On - Going Volunreer Opportunities
Minimum Hours Required: n/a
Days of Service: as many as you like
Mission Statement:

What we do:
 We supply children with therapeutic toys and devices to enhance their cognitive abilities. We also supply funding for music and special education to reach children with the greatest needs and fewest resources regardless of age, ethnic background and diversity, to develop their passion and help them to achieve their dreams.
 We educate parents and children on their psychological and physical needs. We offer Holistic & Medical solutions that have a positive impact on their sense of well-being. We give concrete advice for life through the hosting of Family Workshops. (Information on all areas of kids with special needs.)
 We grant children and their families the funds needed to be used for the development of their child(ren) with special needs.
 Funds & Donations: 100% of the net proceeds are used to; support our Family Workshops; enhance medical research in the field of congenital eye disorders and purchase therapeutic toys & medical devices.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

We believe in teaching the public To Be the Difference by using a volunteer opportunity to express their desire to Give Back. We believe in a World of Philanthropy.

Program History:

Volunteer One is the Volunteer division of My Charity 4 Kids.

~Volunteer Green volunteers will be involved with one or more of the following.
~Volunteer Green opportunities are for volunteers of All Ages.
• Savannah & Her Friend’s lend a hand in cleaning up our Beautiful World.
• Savannah’s ~My Charity 4 Kids~ will have different locations every month offering our volunteers a chance to show how they feel about keeping Mother Earth clean.
• Trips to local and state water and park locations will be on the list.
• Cleanup of a Town or City grounds, including specific areas such as playgrounds, parks, etc.
• Recycling: Participating/organizing recycling events/parties. Great for individuals, schools, and clubs.
• Create your own Campaign.
• Much much more….

~Volunteer Blue volunteers will be involved with one or more of the following.
~Volunteer Blue opportunities are for volunteers of All Ages.
• Events: from organizing the event to the clean up after the event.
• Computer help. Organize e-mails and letters.
• Phone help. Calls to other volunteers, people, companies that have mailed the charity to help. Follow up calls etc.
• Creating Children programs.
• Organizing Crafts for events and for the Kid’s.
• Much more and lots of fun.

~Volunteer Red volunteers will be involved with one or more of the following.
~Volunteer Red opportunities are for volunteers who are 16 yrs. old and up.
• Hands on work with the children that our Charity helps.
• Family Work Shops, Parent/child Meetings.
• Disaster Relief
• Assisting the parents and children.
• Reading, writing, and craft making with the Kid’s.
• Assisting children at an event.
• Any work that is done with the children physically.
• Lots of fun and a chance to help directly with the Kids.

~Volunteer Gold volunteers will be involved with one or more of the following.
~Volunteer Gold opportunities are for volunteers of All Ages.
• Organizing shopping Parties with friends, family, schools, clubs, churches, organizations.
• Selling raffle Tickets and scratch offs.
• Selling Savannah’s ~My Charity 4 Kids~ merchandise: T-shirts, wrist bands, hats etc.
• Bake & Candy Sales: Cakes 4 Kids, Cards 4 Kids & Candy 4 Kids


All of our Splash parties will be broadcast LIVE with Jenny Scordamaglia & Miami TV to Millions of both US and Global viewers! You are bound to be seen by friends and family around the world, wherever there is Satellite or Cable TV! Also, local News, Magazines, and Newspapers will be present so be sure to give your best smiles for the camera! We have some of the finest Acts & DJs in Miami playing at one of the finest venues not only in Miami, but Nationally. We will be hosting these event Monthly or as frequent as we can.

We are NOT limited to The Clevelander/Marlins Park. We have a wide range of venue just waiting for us to host these mega events at- from $$$ Million Dollar Mansions in South Beach to Cruise Ships… here at Splash we really want to make, well, a Splash! We guarantee you will not find another Teen Parties like ours, not only for our Eccentricity but WHY we create these events.

All of our events are Benefit events. We will be donating Live “Hour on the Hour” at every event we host to Children and Families in need and Local Charities in which we support. We know this is an effective way to raise money for the families of Miami and it’s community. We don’t just raise awareness, we help!