New Avenues to Independence

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Basic Information

Address: 17608 Euclid Avenue Cleveland, OH 44112
Phone Number: 216-481-1909
Fax Number: 216-481-2050
Director: Thomas Lewins

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Disability
Background Check: Yes
Population Served: Children and Adults with Disabilities
Ages for Volunteer: 12 and older
Mission Statement:

The mission of New Avenues to Independence is to provide opportunities for people with disabilities and special needs to become more independent and productive members of society by offering the highest quality support services and developing innovative and inclusive programs.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Our organizational values are as follows:
Every person has potential for growth and inclusion.
We value promoting a positive image about persons with disabilities by providing education and information to the public.
We value promoting quality of life and opportunities and protecting rights.
We value the individual and their family relationships.
We are committed to excellence and continuous improvement in the quality of our supports and services.
We value and nurture staff competency.
We are committed to personal and professional integrity.
We value accountability to our various publics.
We are committed to innovative practices for persons with disabilities in work, social, and home settings.
We value participation in the public policy arena.
We value responsible stewardship of all resources.

Program History:

A group of dedicated parents founded New Avenues to Independence as the Parents Volunteer Association in 1952 to provide educational, vocational and recreational experiences for children with disabilities whose only option was to live in institutions. Recognizing the social injustice imposed upon individuals with disabilities forced to live in institutional settings, the founding parents were determined to establish alternatives. As their children grew and their needs changed, the founders incorporated Parents Volunteer Association in 1956 and pursued community integration through group home settings to provide pleasant living environments for individuals with disabilities and promote the development of daily living skills, physical abilities and interpersonal skills. Thus, in 1971, the Parents Volunteer Association became the owner and operator of the first private, non-profit group home for individuals with disabilities in Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

In the subsequent five decades, the Parents Volunteer Association continued to grow, purchasing eight additional homes and expanding services to include community-based care, transitional respite, children’s programs, therapies, nursing support, recreational opportunities and Mainstream Housing rental assistance throughout Northeast Ohio. In 2000, the Parents Volunteer Association changed its name to New Avenues to Independence, Inc. to reflect the changing demographics of the individuals served and the array of services provided. In 2005, returning to our roots, New Avenues established a Day Services program that expanded in 2007 to include vocational services linking individuals with disabilities with meaningful employment opportunities from area employers.


Quarterly dances, Annual Carnival, Summer Camp, Saturday Children's Program, and much more!