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Basic Information

Address: Our organization is global and organizes virtually to develop all our materials. Anyone can volunteer from anywhere and work from home as a member of our team. Apply here:
Director: Jae Sabol

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One Community Inc.
One Community Inc.

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Additional Information

Population Served: All ages and learning levels
Ages for Volunteer: Any age
Hours of Service: Work from home
Minimum Hours Required: 5
Mission Statement:

One Community’s non-profit mission is transformational global change through designing, modeling, and open sourcing sustainably holistic, virally-self-replicating, Highest Good of All solutions. These solutions are founded on comprehensive and modifiable village/city models which can be duplicated globally. Duplication can be accomplished both modularly and/or as complete teacher/demonstration hubs and include sustainable solutions for education, infrastructure, food, economics, fulfilled living, and more.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

One Community is here to maximize real-world options for all participants and prepare ourselves and our children, through education and application to be leaders and influential contributors to what we believe is the beginning of a new Golden Age of innovation, collaboration, creativity, and people living and working together for The Highest Good of All.

Program History:

We are a 100% unpaid and volunteer organization. Over 15 years of planning led to our non-profit forming in 2011. Since then we've had the pleasure of building a global team working on all areas of education, sustainability, and how education and sustainability can support each other.

Additional Information:

Here is the overview of our open source and global education program:

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