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Basic Information

Address: 1590 Las Plumas Ave San Jose, CA 95133
Phone Number: 408.998.7337
Fax Number: 408.998.1078
Director: Rhonda Berry

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Urban Forest, Environment, Climate Change
Population Served: any
Ages for Volunteer: any
Hours of Service: any
Days of Service: every day
Mission Statement:

Planting it forward.

Our mission is to cultivate a green and healthy Silicon Valley by engaging community members in the appreciation, protection, growth and maintenance of our urban ecosystem, especially our urban forest.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

We believe in the power of trees to turn our neighborhoods and cities from gray to green, and we believe in the power of people to help achieve this transformation.

Program History:

Our City Forest has been Silicon Valley's nonprofit urban forestry and environmental stewardship the leader since 1994.