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Basic Information

Address: 1051 Culpepper Dr. SW Suite 100 Conyers, GA 30094
Phone Number: 678-413-1360
Fax Number: 678-413-1359
Director: Dianne Kelly

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Clearances Required: Yes
Background Check: Yes
Population Served: Seniors
Ages for Volunteer: 16-18
Hours of Service: Open
Minimum Hours Required: Open
Days of Service: Open
Mission Statement:

Our care matters. Our mission is to honor life and offer compassion to individuals and their families when facing a life-limiting illness.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Choose the right attitude, message and priority.
Be accountable for all thoughts, words, and actions.
Embrace and drive change. Pursue growth and learning.
Demonstrate humility and servant leadership.
Select great people, treat them with respect, help them, and communicate effectively.
Celebrate small successes on our journey to greater success.
We are here for our patients and each other. Be passionate about what we do. Be innovative and efficient in everything we do.

Additional Information:

There is no large time commitment, please consider donating a few hours of your time per month to improve the quality of someone's life. We also need volunteers interested in doing activities at various facilities.
Volunteers needed to make a difference by visiting hospice patients, holding a hand and listening, playing music or cards, assist with lunch, bring your friendly pet for a visit, playing bingo, or providing administrative support. Lots of fun activities!! Helping the terminally ill through hospice is not about dying, but about living!

Build your resume and have fun with our amazing volunteer opportunities. Paperwork available to pick up in our office Monday - Friday. Background checks, CPR Training, TB & drug screening, hospice training, etc. It takes a couple weeks to get onboard so don't wait!

Can you spare a few hours each month to help hospice patients and their families in our community?

Volunteers can help in many ways:

  • Patient Comfort and Companionship
  • Unconditional Love, Smiles and Laughter
  • Listening, Reading, Music, and Playing Board Games
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Special Projects
  • Bereavement Support
  • Clerical/Administrative Support
Opportunities in Conyers and surrounding areas

Contact Deneisha Conally via email at