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Basic Information

Address: 3508 Staunton Ave 3rd Floor Charleston, WV 25304
Phone Number: 304-347-5850
Fax Number: 304-347-5858

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Additional Information

Ages for Volunteer: all ages
Hours of Service: any hours
Days of Service: vary throughout the state and when schools would choose to hold an activity
Mission Statement:

The American Cancer Society’s mission is to save lives, celebrate lives,
and lead the fight for a world without cancer

Program History:

Relay For Life became the American Cancer Society's signature event in 1985 when Dr. Gordy Klatt took to a track to make a difference. Relay is making a difference today in thousands of communities across the nation and in 20 countries across the globe, thanks to one man and his vision to help make a change. The movement began from humble roots, though the hard work and dedication of Dr. Gordy Klatt.

Gordy was a colorectal surgeon working in Tacoma, Washington, specializing in cancer. He wanted to support his local American Cancer Society office, and in the spring of 1985, came up with the perfect idea! Gordy spent 24 hours circling the track at the University of Puget Sound with over 300 of his friends and family, who paid $25 each to walk or run for 30 minutes with him. In the process, he walked and ran over 83 miles, and raised $27,000.


Events can be found at after this you will be asked for your zip code to find the closest Relay near you.

Additional Information:

We look for schools to participate in our Relay Receess and Relay Field Days on a grade school and middle school level and we look for high school students to participate in our Local Relay For Life events or to hold a Relay For Life event at their school.

We are always looking for students to become involved and be a part of our Relay For Life event by volunteering the day of event helping to set up and tear down, by helping with registration, and high school students can help with online projects as part of our committee. We are always looking for students to help with the childrens activities such as; face painting, kids games and activities etc.