Spirit Acres Farm

Basic Information

Address: 17617 west fm 1097 Montgomery,, Texas 77356
Phone Number: 936-597-5316
Fax Number: na
Director: Kat Matrician

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Equine rescue, rehabolitation, retirement sanctuary, youth at risk, horses helping people,
Clearances Required: Yes
Background Check: Yes
Population Served: all communities in areas locally and open to all states and areas of the world
Ages for Volunteer: 14 on
Minimum Hours Required: 3 hours or longer
Days of Service: Tuesday - Weekends
Mission Statement:

Our mission is centered on the belief that life has its own value. Throughout the millennia horses have shared a special relationship with mankind; it it in this spirit that our organization attends to the needs of our equine friends.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Our goal is to provide care and security for the horses in a natural lifestyle, to share with local humane orgs in the community, to provide education concerning the welfare of horses and other animals. With a special focus on supporting youth at risk.

Program History:

Summer camps, and one on one with the horse and youth brings focus and inner strength and has been successful. To rescue hundreds of horses, rehabilitate and find forever homes is always the goal we reach for
at Spirit Acres Farm. Sharing healing because horses bring a most positive side to life when you can share with them, this we are a part of successfully. Retirement for the elder horses or incapacitated in some way as a police horse, or a world champion no longer needed, or an old friend now left behind.


Annual fund raiser, trail ride, visiting homes for the aging retired folk is a joy, looking to do a first rescue horse event"show" ever, sharing a day with school children or a vet tech team visits facility and learns, Fund Raisers always a must do.

Additional Information:

Spirit Acres Farm founded in 2003 as a non for profit org. has worked in a continual pattern of success to survive a very down economy with countless horses who are with out homes and care. The large animal as the horse is not a meat animal, it has been by man kinds side for thousands of years serving and providing what ever needs it could serve for humans. It asked so little to remain with us and has so often been ignored and treated do unfairly as we asked more of the horse and cared less in many ways. Today there is very little help for the horse from resources that try to provide for other animals in need. It is our focus to find ways , to educate whom ever will be open to the needs of the equine world and help in so many good and correct ways to make life better and it will be a benefit to mankind. For it is a choice we all must make and no longer not see the real needs of this magnificent animal. We ARE A NO KILL ORGANIZATION and believe there is a better way but life's practices and manner of thought now in front of us all. Please do not tread there but instead make new ways for better life on this earth for as many as possible. Not as difficult as it often appears, but it takes humans sharing and caring to do this for the sake of all life. Call Spirit Acres Farm 936-597-5316 or email us if we may help.