Spirit Acres Farm Equine Rescue and Sanctuary

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Basic Information

Address: 17617 west FM1097 Montgomery, Texas 77356
Phone Number: 936-597-5316
Fax Number: na
Director: Kay Matrician

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Horses abused, neglected, injured, Wild horses USA, Youth at Risk
Clearances Required: Yes
Background Check: Yes
Population Served: all people who will be in need of assistance with their horses and problems associated with, friends and neighbors in surrounding areas and counties,those who will reach out to learn and understand the horse and its keeping in society today
Ages for Volunteer: Younger when accompanied by guardian or parents, , average age 10 years to begin working on their own through any age
Hours of Service: Tuesday through Saturday 9-6pm Sunday 11 through 6, Monday is open to volunteers on a schedule here at rescue.
Minimum Hours Required: 4 hours a week on the avertage
Days of Service: Tuesday - Sunday operation hours to the public
Mission Statement:

We are centered on the belief that life has its own value. Throughout the millennia, horses have shared
a special relationship with man kind, it is in this spirit that our organization attends to the needs of our
equine friends.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Our goal is to provide care and security for our horses in a natural lifestyle, to work with other humane organizations. to provide education to the community concerning the health and welfare of horses, provide support to the youth and community service. Sharing focused time, horses and people helping each other.

Program History:

Since 2003 we work together as an all volunteer organization providing for the care, the therapy, medical and mental needs for all horses we can. All types and breeds of horses are brought into the facility to be cared for, schooled and to find a forever home. We combine our love for the horses with a respect for our community needs. As natural a blending of life as one can know. Sharing and learning life's lessons with focus made clearer and positive communication as an easy main choice. Summer camps for youth, seminars. clinics with expert speakers, trainers to host groups who want to know more. groups who come as scouts, community orgs., religious orgs.,ed spend time at the rescue involved in projects to help the horses.


Trail Rides, Various Seminars , Guest speakers, County Fair and Rodeo, Open House for community at Christmas, Fund raising events to include all communities to participate, Share special hours with assisted care living groups.

Additional Information:

As a growing need arises Spirit Acres grows with the needs. We want to find larger acreage , a donation if you will, so we can take care of the many horses who need care and sanctuary. In this realization of the great need. for the larger animals in our country, we would like to establish a Horse park to be their home at the rescue,, their place until adopted etc. We want to bring in visitors, tourists and provide tours of various horses and their habitats, stories shared and each horse has a story, a walk through a peaceful resting place for those who cross rainbow bridge, possibly provide for a few long term visitors housing who wish to participate in farm activity and can benefit this rescue? Most of this is about sharing of life and resources, time and our heart's desires. So much to do to benefit so many and to do it well is our wish. Thank you