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Basic Information

Address: 9713 SW 2nd Street Miami,Fl,33174
Phone Number: 5612239717
Director: Mark Chesney

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Volunteer One
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Additional Information

Causes Served: children in need ,crisis,
Population Served: 5000
Ages for Volunteer: all ages
Hours of Service: unlimited
Minimum Hours Required: unlimited
Days of Service: on going
Mission Statement:

A program designed for Blind Children, Children with Special Needs and their families. To Fund medical research in the field of congenital eye disorders, Autism, the granting of funds and supplies to these children, families, and non-profit organizations that share a common interest.

To educate both parents and children on their emotional, physical and spiritual needs is of great importance to Savannah’s ~My Charity 4 Kids/ VolunteerOne Charity.

To ensure a sense of well being through the education of body, mind and spirit, is to secure the enlightenment of our children’s and families structures future

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Lifting the spirits of children.
Giving courage and inner strength to the children.
Having a child smile back with love.
Helping a family grow together with pride and dignity.
Having GOD smile down upon us.
Finding ourselves through the giving of oneself.
Bringing laughter and giggles to a blind child through touch.
Giving the experience of motion to children who cannot walk.
Offering understanding to children who cannot.
Learning the meaning of purpose.
Seeing a reflection of love in the eyes of our children.

Program History:

Volunteer One and its Programs have been working with the school community since 2013. Offering the Best Volunteer opportunities America.Join Savannah and her friends.Put a Smile on a child.


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