Wildlands Restoration Volunteers

Basic Information

Address: 3012 Sterling Circle Boulder, CO 80301
Phone Number: 303-543-1411
Director: Ed Self

Action Shots

Wildlands Restoration Volunteers
Wildlands Restoration Volunteers
Wildlands Restoration Volunteers
Wildlands Restoration Volunteers

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Environment, Community Building
Clearances Required: No
Background Check: No
Ages for Volunteer: 12 nad up
Hours of Service: varialble
Minimum Hours Required: 1
Days of Service: variable
Mission Statement:

"To foster a community spirit of shared responsibility for the stewardship and restoration of public, protected, and ecologically important lands."

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Our goals:
Create a strong network of volunteers, capable of caring for these sites through trainings, educational opportunities, and partnerships with other local organizations.
Encourage community-based involvement in projects by recruiting volunteers who live in communities near project sites and/or are members of user groups who frequent those sites.
Develop and implement high quality, science-based restoration techniques. We aim to contribute to the scientific field of ecological restoration.
Collaborate closely with land managers and other stakeholders to identify key sites in need of ecological restoration.
Serve a diverse audience including urban and rural residents, adults, middle and high school students, disadvantaged youth, local watershed protection groups, local outdoor clubs, and other recreational users of local public lands.
Have fun, work hard, and celebrate the deep love of mountains, forests, streams, and open spaces that inspire our work.

Program History:

WRV engages thousands of volunteers in dozens of land stewardship projects each year, completing a wide variety of high priority habitat restoration and conservation work throughout Colorado and southern Wyoming. Projects can be a single day, but some last a weekend or longer with camping in spectacular mountain settings. Attendance averages 60 volunteers, but ranges from 10 to over 100. Tasty meals are usually provided, and no experience is necessary!

While we often see dramatic, satisfying, results over a weekend of activity, restoration takes time and commitment. In many cases, we adopt places and return numerous times over a period of years to continue our work. Returning volunteers see the fruits of their labors and develop a deep commitment to the places they have helped to heal. Friendships are born and our community is strengthened.

Our projects are led almost entirely by volunteers. We have an extensive leadership training program, which provides important skills needed to lead our projects. These skills are transferable to many other areas of life, and provide a basis for empowered engagement in conservation issues.

In 2017, we will complete our 1,000th project!


See website (https://www.wlrv.net/index.php?section=events&action=list&type=projects) for most recent project calendar. Because of weather, dates sometimes change.

Additional Information:

With over 100 ecological restoration projects per season, and several leadership training opportunities, there are many ways to get involved with Wildlands Restoration Volunteers (WRV).

Healing the land....Building community.