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Basic Information

Address: 1A Foundry St Lowell, Ma 01852
Phone Number: 978-441-9474
Fax Number: 978-441-6911
Director: Donna Hunnewell

Action Shots

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Additional Information

Causes Served: homeless, elderly, early childhood education, poor, emergency assistance
Ages for Volunteer: 9+ with an adult, 14 without an adult
Hours of Service: Mon 6-8pm, Tues,Wed,Fri and Sat 9am-2pm
Minimum Hours Required: none
Days of Service: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Mission Statement:

A Goods Bank: providing furniture, home goods, baby gear and clothing to those in need.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

The Wish Project provides clean new and reused items to 35,000 needy in the Merrimack Valley of MA each year. We are working hard to ensure that every person in need has the basic things they need to live, eat, work, play and thrive. Simple things like shoes for school or having a bed to sleep in, mean a more successful day at school and work. Every couch we provide is one more family thriving in that first year out of shelter and one less in the landfill. We are working to end hardship in the short term and help end homelessness in the long term. Of the 1,000 families that get their apartments furnished each year 87% are still housed three years later.

Program History:

In 2000 the founder Donna Hunnewell quit work as a corporate trainer for FLIR Systems to get married and have her 2 children. In her free time throughout the two pregnancies she volunteered with many social services agencies and was inspired by how often they went out of their way to buy diapers for a baby in need. She ended up using her minivan and cell phone to answer calls from social workers for urgently needed goods. She would put her kids in the car, go buy the item and deliver to the agency. From that point on the program grew until the size it is today. Donna started off running it out of her porch, progressed to storage units and now we are housed in a warehouse that we are currently outgrowing. We are 90% privately funded, have 10 employees and are open 20 hours a week to serve our clients.


Winter Wishes 11/19/15 10th Anniversary Auction Gala
Golf Tournament late spring/early june