Women of Color on the Move

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Basic Information

Address: 2251 Florin Road #30 Sacramento,Ca 95822
Phone Number: 916-706-1089
Fax Number: 916-106-3650
Director: Sonia Askew/CEO/Founder

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Women of Color on the Move
Women of Color on the Move

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Additional Information

Causes Served: their families, and their communities. Purpose We strive to recognize special qualities and value Women for what they are: Wonderful Empowerment We encourage women of color to stand tall and be outstanding. Workshops We offer programs and resources vital to women to grow professionally and financially. Outreach We seek solutions to address our economic crisis impacting women of color and their families
Clearances Required: Yes
Population Served: Women, youth and children
Ages for Volunteer: all
Hours of Service: 5 to 8 hours we are open
Minimum Hours Required: 2
Days of Service: Monday-Saturday
Mission Statement:

Women of Color On The Move is a nonprofit organization committed to
helping women succeed and soar in their many responsibilities to themselves,
their families, and their communities.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

Our Community
We are lucky to live in a diverse community. However, even though every person is unique and valuable, we often see members of our community put
down for their most inherent traits. We strive to recognize these qualities and value them for what they are: wonderful.

Specifically, women of color are often told to back down and blend in. We say to stand tall and be outstanding. Be your marvelous self and show the world how great you are. Your race, gender and other traits are things to celebrate and be proud of. Never listen to anyone who wants to degrade you for them.

We promote this attitude throughout our community by holding workshops and leadership conferences to encourage others to stand tall and be proud. Visit our calendar to see our upcoming events.

Issues We Address
We seek solutions to our nation’s health and economic crisis’ proactively and in real time. Women of Color On The Move focus on long-term social implications and help women get involved take action to reduce statistics on the state of human rights for women and girls

We aspire to make our voices resonant, respected and effective as we speak to the challenges that confront us individually and collectively.

Program History:

STEM/Job Readiness and Financial management


Silent/Live Auction April 29,2017
1330 H Street, Sacramento,Ca