World Hunger Ecumenical Az Task Force, Inc (WHEAT)

Basic Information

Address: 4000 N 7th St Ste 118 Phoenix, AZ
Phone Number: 602-955-5076
Fax Number: 602-955-5290
Director: Deidre Calhoun, Volunteer Coordinator

Action Shots

World Hunger Ecumenical Az Task Force, Inc (WHEAT)
World Hunger Ecumenical Az Task Force, Inc (WHEAT)
World Hunger Ecumenical Az Task Force, Inc (WHEAT)
World Hunger Ecumenical Az Task Force, Inc (WHEAT)

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Additional Information

Causes Served: Hunger, Poverty, Unemployment, Fair Trade
Clearances Required: No
Background Check: No
Population Served: those persons living in poverty with hunger
Ages for Volunteer: 14 and over
Hours of Service: Tuesday - Friday, 10 am to 2 pm; Saturday, 10 am - 3 pm
Minimum Hours Required: 5
Days of Service: Tuesday - Saturday
Mission Statement:

The mission of the World Hunger Education, Advocacy & Training (WHEAT) organization is to educate, advocate, engage and empower individuals in the fight against hunger and poverty.

Philosophy/Belief Statement:

1) All peoples, throughout the world, have the right to shelter, sustenance and enterprise;
2) It is the responsibility of each of us to ensure that others have these basic needs;
3) Worldwide Hunger is a problem that can be solved; WHEAT is a part of the solution;
4) Education must be followed by action to be effective;
5) Compassion and justice for all, especially those living in poverty, are central to the teachings of all faiths.

Program History:

WHEAT was founded in 1979 to:
1) To create an awareness of justice issues, primarily those that are related to hunger & poverty;
2) To sensitize individuals to the various needs and inequalities within our community;
3) To promote sustainable development and lifestyle;
4) To network among individuals, faith communities and community leaders.
5) To provide sources and resources for those seeking information and action.


Large Group Community Event 2 times each year to prepare the program spaces for the upcoming season:
3rd Saturday in March, 8 am to 11 am
4th Saturday in October on Make a Difference Day, 8 am to 11 am

Additional Information:

Volunteers help us in the fight against hunger and poverty by supporting us in these areas:

  • The Clothes Silo

  • The Fair Trade Store & its Initiatives

  • SNAP Outreach

  • WHEAT Administrative Offices

  • Event Coordination

  • Advocacy on Hunger and Poverty Issues

  • Outreach Efforts

  • Marketing & Promotion

  • Event Planning