El-Hibri Peace Education Prize

The El-Hibri Peace Education Prize was established by Fuad El-Hibri in 2007 for the purpose of honoring an outstanding scholar, practitioner or policymaker annually in order to celebrate and encourage individuals who embody the principles of peace, justice, and inclusion. Today the prize is the longest-running program of the El-Hibri Foundation, which is a family foundation located in Washington, DC. It aims to empower and equip Muslim leaders and their allies to build thriving, inclusive communities. Its grantmaking and programs are intended to provide resources and skills, forge collaborative relationships, and increase inclusion of and within American Muslim communities.

"The El-Hibri Foundation awards an annual $30,000 Peace Education Prize to individuals who have dedicated their lives to building inclusive communities in the United States and building the capacity of others to create positive social change.

The prize is intended to celebrate and encourage individuals who embody the principles of peace, justice, and inclusion."

Individuals based in the United States whose primary work is focused on domestic audiences and aligned with the strategic focus areas of EHF are eligible. These individuals will have demonstrated:

Impact through leading significant initiatives, organizations, or movements that model inclusive practices and educate and/or build collaboration across diverse audiences;
Innovation through effectively implementing cutting-edge community building techniques or approaches that reduce discrimination and promote mutual understanding, respect, inclusion, and collaboration; and/or
Influence by using their platforms to advance inclusion in America, building the leadership capacity of others to catalyze positive social change, and serving as exemplary models of inclusion resulting in the wide use of their community building approaches, techniques, or programs.
Finalists will be selected based on the following criteria:

Working across difference
Demonstrated leadership in building inclusive movements or effective bridge-building across difference;
Demonstrated commitment to reducing discrimination against vulnerable communities;
Equipped marginalized communities or individuals with leadership, collaboration, and conflict resolution skills;
Raised awareness about the positive contributions of diversity by utilizing their platforms to foster inclusion;
Demonstrated commitment to civic engagement; and/or
Effectively implemented cutting edge techniques or approaches to promote mutual understanding, inclusion, and collaboration.
Creating unique and broad-based institutional impact

Demonstrated ability to build groundbreaking and successful organizations that reflect inclusion and a commitment to diversity, accountability, and transparency;
Demonstrated success in building partnerships and collaboration;
Demonstrated commitment to learning, evaluation, and sharing best practices;
Established credibility among a diverse group of stakeholders; and/or
Demonstrated ability to scale or reach wider audiences.
Past El-Hibri Peace Education Prize Laureates
2017 Laureate: Mohamed Magid
2016 Laureate: Eboo Patel
2015 Laureate: Raz Mohammad Dalili
2014 Laureate: Pietro Ameglio
2013 Laureate: Betty Reardon
2012 Laureate: Chaiwat Satha-Anand
2011 Laureate: Gene Sharp
2010 Laureate: Colman McCarthy
2009 Laureate: Mary King
2008 Laureate: Scott Kennedy
2007 Laureate: Abdul Aziz Said