IEEE James H. Mulligan Jr. Education Medal

The IEEE James H. Mulligan Jr. Education Medal (formerly the IEEE Education Medal or AIEE Education Medal) is an award that "recognizes the importance of the educator's contributions to the vitality, imagination, and leadership of the members of the engineering profession.". This award may only be awarded to an individual. It was established by the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) in 1956, but continued to be awarded by the Board of Directors of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), after the AIEE organization merged into the IEEE in 1963.

Recipients of this award receive a gold medal, bronze replica, certificate and honorarium.
James H. Mulligan, for whom the award is named, was Professor Emeritus in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and former Dean of the School of Engineering at University of California, Irvine, from 1974-1977. He was also a member of the faculty of the Department of Electrical Engineering at New York University, serving as Chairman of the Department from 1952 to 1968.

Following people received the IEEE James H. Mulligan Jr. Education Medal:
2019: John G. Webster
2018: Delores M. Etter
2017: Stephen P. Boyd
2016: Simon Haykin
2015: Richard Gordon Baraniuk
2014: John G. Proakis
2013: J. David Irwin
2012: Fawwaz T. Ulaby
2011: Raj Mittra
2010: Randy H. Katz
2009: Jose B. Cruz Jr.
2008: Joseph Bordogna
2007: Andrew S. Tanenbaum
2006: Sanjit K. Mitra
2005: H. Vincent Poor
2004: Paul R. Gray
2003: Yasuharu Suematsu
2002: Petar V. Kokotovic
2001: Brian D. O. Anderson
2000: David A. Patterson
1999: Andries van Dam
1998: Stephen W. Director
1997: David A. Hodges
1996: Adel S. Sedra
1995: Thomas Kailath
1994: Chung Laung Liu
1993: Ronald A. Rohrer
1992: Ronald W. Schafer
1991: Hermann A. Haus
1990: James D. Meindl
1989: Ben G. Streetman
1988: Alan V. Oppenheim
1987: Joseph W. Goodman
1986: Richard B. Adler
1985: James F. Gibbons
1984: Athanasios Papoulis
1983: Mischa Schwartz
1982: King-Sun Fu
1981: Ernest S. Kuh
1980: Aldert van der Ziel
1979: John R. Ragazzini
1978: Harold A. Peterson
1977: Robert M. Fano
1976: John G. Linvill
1975: Charles A. Desoer
1974: John G. Truxal
1973: Lotfi A. Zadeh
1972: M. E. Van Valkenburg
1971: Franz Ollendorff
1970: Jacob Millman
1969: Donald O. Pederson
1968: Edward C. Jordan
1967: John R. Whinnery
1966: William H. Huggins
1965: Hugh H. Skilling
1964: B. R. Teare Jr.
1963: William G. Dow
1962: Ernst A. Guillemin
1961: George F. Corcoran
1960: Ernst Weber
1959: Gordon S. Brown
1958: J. F. Calvert
1957: W. L. Everitt
1956: F. E. Terman