Grain de Sel Togo, Inc.

Grain de Sel Togo, Inc. is a Georgian 501(c)(3) organization initiated by a group of Togolese Fulbright Scholars while in US universities. This nonprofit has been founded and incorporated by Brad K. Hounkpati, 2011-2013 Fulbright Scholar from Togo with the assistance of four other Fulbright Scholars from Togo.

The Leader is currently working on his doctorate Degree at the University of Georgia, Department of Entomology. He used to say "Do not minimize the least that you can give, that could give hope to others, change lives", translated from his quote in French "Ne minimise pas le peu que tu peux apporter, cela pourra donner espoir à autrui, changer des vies…".

Registered under Georgia (USA) Law, Grain de Sel Togo Inc. is dedicated to helping ambitious and talented but underprivileged students in public universities of Togo and sub Saharan Africa through scholarships and coaching. Each year, GDS selects new grantees and organizes career development workshop in partnership with Public Affairs Section of the Lome U.S. Embassy. GDS also serves as contact for all new Fulbright Grantees and other U.S Department of State Exchange Program Visitors from Togo and West Africa, and sometimes to International Students from Africa.

As of July 2018, GDS has offered scholarships to 26 students in public universities in Kara and Lome (Togo), Bordeaux, France and in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Two other students have been supported for the Master Studies in France. Grain de Sel Togo, Inc. provides technical and academic support to African Fulbright scholars.

Inspired by the Fulbright Program, founded in 1946 by the US Senator from Arkansas J. William Fulbright, who promulgated the Exchange Fulbright, considered to be one of the most prestigious scholarships programs in the world

In recognition of the efforts of the US State Department to ensure the quality and excellence of the Fulbright scholarship and affiliate programs;

Based on this prestigious model;

Convinced that supporting needy but also outstanding and motivated students in public universities will ensure the continuity of the culture of academic excellence and lead to a new form of leadership;

Believing that Africans themselves can also contribute to the promotion of education in Sub-Saharan countries, setting themselves as leadership role models;

A group of Fulbright Fellows from Togo, while studying in US universities, decided to create - on this day of 27 July 2013 - a scholarship called Grain De Sel / Grain of Salt (GDS) to support needy students.

Mission and Vision

Grain de Sel Togo, Inc. works to improve the educational experience of public universities students in Sub Saharan Africa.

Grain de Sel Togo, Inc. is a nonprofit organization committed to sustaining and improving the educational experience of needy students enrolled in public universities in sub-Saharan Africa by providing them with technical and financial supports.


GDS is a Georgian 501c3 organization based in Athens, Georgia, USA. GDS HQ is managed by the Board of Directors under the leadership of the Founder. The organization is also registered at the University of Georgia as a Student Organization with the Center for Student Organizations. Fulbright Association has featured Grain de Sel Togo, Inc. as one of Fulbright alumni successful stories. This is the first time African Fulbright Scholars initiative has been featured, making Grain de Sel Togo, Inc. a pioneer of leadership and scholarship program in Togo and in Africa. The story described the organization has been created along with activities since 2013.

National Representations
Togo National Representation Office

Currently, Togo national administration serves as Regional office for Africa. GDS Togo office is located in Adidogme, Lomé. At the University of Lomé, an Academic Advisor serves as Assistant to the National Representative. Partnership has been established with the University of Kara and the University of Lomé, with the support of Public Affairs Section of U.S. Lome Embassy and American Corner.

France National Representation
Very recently, GDS has been incorporated in France as GDS France in order to coordinate the organizational efforts in France and in Europe. GDS France office is located in La Tour du Pin.

Besides scholarships, Grain de Sel Togo, Inc. organizes each year a career development workshop for the students of the Universities of Kara and Lome, Togo (West Africa).

The latest was on May 22, 2015 at the American Corner, University of Lome, Togo.

2015 GDS workshop in Togo: participants
Since February 2014, a subsidized computers and other electronics program has been established in partnership with BSBIZTOGO, Inc. Through this program, Grain de Sel Togo, Inc. has been able to provide quality computers and other electronic devices to underprivileged students and their peers in West Africa.