Grading System

There is a myriad of grading systems in Brazil. The most popular are:
Percentage point grading system: ranges from 0% to 100%
Scale grading system: ranges from 0 to 10 (0 represents the lowest and 10 represents that highest)
Stage grading system: usually uses letters ranging from A (best) to E (worst)
Below is a summary of the grading systems:
"A": 90%-100% (Excellent)
"B": 80%-89% (Very good)
"C": 70%-79% (Good)
"D": 60%-69% (Satisfactory)
"E": < 50% or < 60% (Failing grade)
Usually, the lowest passing grade in Brazil represents a 5 (5 out of 10 / 50% / "E"), but some universities adopt a 7 or 70% as the minimum passing grade. Universities are free to choose their grading system.