Levels of Education

The levels of education in Chile are:
Pre-school: For children up to 5 years old.
Primary school: (Enseñanza básica) for children aged 6-13 years old, divided into 8 grades.
Secondary school: (Enseñanza media) for teenagers aged 14-17 years old, divided into 4 grades. Schools are divided by curriculum into:
"Scientific-humanities". Geared to prepare students to enter university. From 11th grade (Tercero Medio), students can choose a subject in either science (math, physics, chemistry, biology), or humanities (literature, history, philosophy), for more advanced lessons.
"Technical-professional". Designed to allow students to quickly enter the workforce after secondary education. Students are taught practical lessons in technical areas, such as electricity, mechanics, metal assembly, etc.

Higher education:
University (universidad): These are divided between "traditional" universities (public and private universities created (mostly) before the 1981 reform) and private institutions.
Professional Institute (Instituto Profesional, IP): Private institutions offering professional degrees, except for those given exclusively by universities. They were created in 1981.
Technical Schooling Center (Centro de Formación Técnica, CFT): Also created in 1981, they are private institutions offering technical degrees only.