Preschool Education in Chile

Sala Cuna Menor: children between 85 days of age to one year of age
Sala Cuna Mayor: children between one and two years of age
Nivel Medio Menor: children between two and three years of age
Nivel Medio Mayor: children between three and four years of age
Primer Nivel Transición or Pre-Kinder: children between four and five years of age
Segundo Nivel de Transición or Kinder: children between five and six years of age

The law establishes free access to the last two levels of pre-school. A constitutional reform in 2013 called for the law to extend free access to four levels, and make the last one mandatory and a prerequisite to enter primary school.

The coverage for pre-school in 2009 was 37.42% (for children aged 0 to 5) and 44.96% (for persons of any age).